The Peanut Post – Month 3

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You had your 2 month appointment a week after you were 2 months. At that point you were 22 3/4 inches long. 11lbs 5.25oz. I should go in and weigh myself with you and without you and get a rough weight since that was about a month ago.

For the most party we’re still wearing 0-3 although you have started outgrowing some of those so your daddy moved you up to 3 month although some of them are still way big on you. You even have a few NB that still fit. It’s funny how sizes are all over the place truthfully. As for diapers, your daddy thought we should move you up to size 2 but I’m still thinking they are a bit big.

You have a nightly routine of shower, feed, bed. If we get off of that you get cranky. You also have been fighting sleep, mainly during the day and when you’re fighting you get extra cranky. Some days you nap most of the day and other days you don’t hardly sleep at all. You typically go to bed between 9-11 at night and sleep until around 5. At 5am sometimes you need to eat, other times you need the binky fink and you go right back to sleep for a few hours. There’s not a whole lot of consistency yet… We’re working on that.

You absolutely love to kick your legs. You’ve also started working on trying to clasp your hands. Not quite there but you’re working on it. You have a beautiful smile and you use it but definitely not enough. I can’t get enough of it though and I keep taking pictures because here in a few short months that precious gummy smile will be gone and those teeth will start appearing. Some days when you get cranky you have to go sit outside or go for walks and that will cheer you right up. You are a snuggle bug and love to snuggle with whoever will snuggle with you.

Mommy tries to keep you on your eating schedule but everyone else gets you off of it… Oh well, maybe that’s not the best anyway. You’re eating 4-8oz per feeding, it depends on how hungry you are :). You definitely aren’t afraid to let us know when you are hungry.

Some days I think you’re going to have blonde hair. Some days I think you’re going to have red hair. Some days I think you’re going to have light brown hair. So… I’m not sure what color hair you are going to have at this point. Your eyes are still blue. Your eyebrows and eyelashes tend to be more toward the blonde to strawberry blonde colors.

You love to sit up.
You like your elephant toy.
You love the outdoors whether it’s walks or just sitting outdoors.
You still like your sleep sacks.
You like your Bumbo chair
You prefer mommy and daddy’s bed to your own.

Oh goodness, you HATE having your nails clipped!
You don’t like being cold.
You don’t like tummy time.
You don’t like getting stuck at red lights when in the car.

We’ve been working on sitting up. You now sit in your bumbo seat and love it. You’ve also been working on clasping your hands together. We’re getting closer.

On mommy and daddy’s bed you have rolled over a few times, but not on a hard surface yet.

Mommy got pooped on for the first time, just this week. I struggled not to freak out… not gonna lie. Mommy isn’t a morning person and doesn’t really like to lose out on sleep but you smile at me in the middle of the night and all that goes away and I’m happy to be up with you. I do like when we sleep in in the mornings to make up for it, at least when we get the opportunity. Mommy loves holidays but this fall she’s even more excited about the upcoming holidays and can’t wait to spend them with you even though you won’t remember them. Don’t worry, there will be pictures!

Daddy still loves his baby girl. He is wrapped around her little fingers. He calls you his beautiful little stinker :).

You spend most Monday with Grandma J since mommy has been at school. You help her make dinner for mommy and daddy. You guys sing and sit outside and do the crossword puzzles.


Dear baby girl,

You’re growing up way to fast. Slow down and enjoy these baby moments! Mommy about has a break down every time you out grow an outfit. I do have to admit that it was hilarious that you tried on boots this week and you weren’t sure what to do with them on. You finally kicked them off and it was cute and funny. Just remember that mommy and daddy love you with all our heart. Tbug mother hens you so it’s obvious she loves you too! Slow down and don’t grow up too fast!


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