The Peanut Post – 1 Month

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You were born weighing 7lb 9.6oz.
You left the hospital weighing 7lb 7.4oz
At your 5 day check up you weighed 7lb 5.2oz. The doctor said you needed to start gaining weight.
At your 2 week check up you weighed 8lb 2 oz.
Unofficially today you weigh 10.3lb (I stepped on the scales without you and then with you)

At the hospital you were 20 inches long. We haven’t been anywhere to have you measured yet. That comes at your 2 month appointment which is September 3rd (a week after your 2 months because of schedules for mommy and daddy)

You can still fit in Newborn outfits for the most part but you have outgrown some of your Newborn outfits which makes mommy sad. Her baby is growing up. The 0-3 month size outfits though are typically a little on the big side.

Diapers you still are wearing Newborn diapers. The package says 5-10lb and seeing as though we’re around 10lb we may need to move up in size very soon…

Sleeping habits still aren’t completely formed. Right now you sleep in your pack and play at the foot of mommy and daddy’s bed. Mommy isn’t ready for you to sleep in your crib in the other room just yet but getting close. On a typical night you either wake up around midnight or 2am for your first feeding and around 4am for the second feeding. Then from there you’ll wake up anywhere from 6am to 8am ready to eat again. You’re still sleeping a lot during the day, however as the days go by, we are experiencing a lot more awake hours too.

You are typically a very happy baby although at least once a day you have to clear your lungs. Some times we can’t figure out just why you’re screaming/crying. You are starting to form tears which breaks mommy’s heart when you cry. You growl a lot, even in your sleep. Some times while sleeping you even snore.

We were going to start you out breast feeding for 6 weeks (until mommy went back to school) but you weren’t having it. Mommy and daddy decided that we were both formula babies and we turned out ok and we didn’t want you starving for you to get the whole breast feeding down so you are a formula baby. You’ll typically eat anywhere from about 2oz to 6oz per feeding. You are eating about every 2-4 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more.

You’re beautiful. So far you still have blue eyes and blondish/strawberry blonde hair. Your hair is growing, however daddy still does the Mohawk like they did in the hospital every night after your bath. You’ve had a bout of baby acne which is starting to clear up. We’ve had to put mittens on your hands from time to time because you like to keep your hands next to your face and your finger nails are sharp.

You like the swing.
You like being held.
You like Daddy.
You like Mommy.
You like being Swaddled for bed.
You like to eat.
Your favorite position mommy has found is being held on her chest (chest to chest).

You don’t like socks.
You don’t care for bath time but you’re coming around.
You don’t care for the pool.
You don’t like footed pajamas to sleep in.
You don’t like being undressed/redressed.

You’ve had your first car ride.
You had your hospital shots.
You passed your hearing test with flying colors.
You’ve experienced your 1st Independence Day.
You’ve had your first elevator ride.
You’ve had your first pool experience.
You’ve had your first trip to Walmart at 5 days old.
You’ve had your first trip to the mall shopping.

Mommy has had quite the learning curve. I’ve changed my first diaper. I’ve packed the diaper bag for the first time. Then I’ve left formula at home, forgotten to pack a onesie for night time (grandma watched you/gave you a bath), I forgot wipes, I forgot to pack extra diapers. Then I’ve been spit up on twice, once while we were out shopping. I’ve had my hair pulled, my necklace pulled, my glasses pulled off my face, had my first 2am shower because I was spit up on. I’m kind of grumpy getting up in the middle of the night, in fact one night trying to get to my feet I fell back into the bed realizing I needed to get my balance before trying to pick you up. I’ve slept in the recliner a few nights. I haven’t been anywhere on time since having you. I’m getting good at doing laundry because I’ve been peed on a few times, we’ve had to wash your changing table mat a few times, and I’m even getting good at getting poop out of clothing. This has been quite the learning curve for mommy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Baby girl melts her daddy’s heart. He took the first 2 weeks you were born off to spend extra time with you but wound up in the hay field most of that time. Then he had to go back to work. Daddy loves to come home though and snuggle with his baby. He loves to give you kisses. He’s usually the one who gives you your bath because mommy is running around the house doing odds and ends. Daddy also learned how to swaddle you the best and how to do your hair like they did at the hospital.

For the first couple weeks that you were born, there was someone here almost every day/night that wanted to meet and hold you. Then once we hit around week 3, you spent a lot of time with just mommy and daddy, but don’t be fooled, people still fight over holding you. Every time we take you out, someone comments on just how beautiful of a baby girl you are.


Dear baby girl,

Mommy wasn’t sure she was a baby person but you’ve proved to her that she just might be. There has been a lot of learning curves and mommy is scared to death she is screwing things up. I absolutely LOVE when you smile at me even if it is just because you’re pooping. A lot of people were excited that you were coming and even more people are excited that you’re here.

You may not do a lot right now, but I am sad that you are growing out of this phase. I hate that I didn’t get all the newborn pictures that I wanted but I needed help and it was difficult those first couple weeks to get that and still manage everything else, but remember that you are extremely loved. I have taken a whole lot of snap shot photos and sometimes those are the absolute best.

I can’t wait to see what you grow up and become, but please slow down growing up. Mommy isn’t sure she can handle closing her eyes and you growing up at the blink of an eye!

I’m so glad that God decided you were going to come be daddy and my baby because we absolutely love you!


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