The Peanut Post – Month 2

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On Monday August 4th you officially weighed 9lb 14oz at the drs office and were 21 3/4 inches long. Unofficially on Sunday you were at 11lbs based on mommy on the scales with and without you.

You are predominantly wearing 0-3 sized outfits but a few of your Newborn outfits still fit. We tried a 3-6 month outfit on you for the Chiefs game and it was really big.

Diapers are size 1. We had a few blowouts early in August with Newborn size… so we decided we needed to go up a size. Much better!

You prefer mommy and daddy’s bed.

You tried your crib this month. Tried being the keyword. We’ve tried it a few nights but not had the best of luck yet. We haven’t given up yet though.

You are a happy baby who likes mornings better than afternoons and then you start doing better again in the evenings. You smile a lot in the mornings and this month you started smiling and we know it isn’t because you’re passing gas.

You have put yourself off on an every 4 hour eating schedule although you’ll usually go through the night without eating. We didn’t do this, you did… About that 4 hour mark you start screaming your head off until you get fed. You’re eating 4 to sometimes 6oz every feeding.

Your eyes are still blue :). Your hair has a reddish tint to it. Your eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde to strawberry blonde in color. You had a huge rash at the beginning of the month that the doctor issued you a steroid cream to clear up. You’ve scratched your face a couple times and you scratched your eyeball one day. It looked awful but it cleared up on its own.

When you’re crying your favorite soothing song is We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
You like evening walks.
Your favorite position to sleep is on your tummy, with your chest next to someone else’s chest.
You like your sleep sacks.
You LOVE showers. (not bath time but shower time)
You like Cherry Coke Icee (just not the cold).
You like sleeping on mommy & daddy’s bed.

You hate coming from the warm shower and getting cool lotion put on you. (Don’t blame you)
You hate cold wet wipes.
You don’t like sleeping by yourself.
You don’t like being hungry.
You don’t like when you have to burp and can’t get it up.
You hate when you have the hiccups.

Your smiling more.
You went to your first voting pole with mommy and daddy.
You helped at your first yard sale.
You attended your first Kansas City Chiefs Game.
You’ve slept through the night a couple times.
You’re getting really close to laughing.

Mommy is getting better at figuring out your cries, although not always. There are times when you cry that I just want to pull my hair out because I have tried everything to make you better and you still cry. One day I just had to go take a shower and strap you in to your swing because nothing I tried made you feel better. When I got out of the shower you felt a whole lot better. I have learned that you love going for walks outside. I’m not sure if it is the change of scenery or the temperature change or the fresh air you love but you’ve enjoyed going to see the neighbors cows, our dogs and our horses. We’ll get this figured out!

Daddy still loves to come home from work and snuggle with you and cover you with kisses. He also likes our little snuggles before bedtime. Now that mommy is back to going to school, you spend Tuesday nights and all day Wednesday at home with daddy. He made his work schedule so he could work from home on Wednesdays to be home with you. Sometimes he’s the only one who can calm you down when you get to crying but it breaks his heart when you cry.

Mommy started back to school the 18th of August. You lucked out because you get to spend time with family instead of a sitter for the first 6 months of your life. On Monday’s you spend the day with your great grandma while mommy is in class. Mommy has a Tuesday night class so you spend the evening with daddy and then daddy watches you on Wednesdays while mommy is in class. Thursday and Friday she doesn’t have class so you stay with her.


Dear baby girl,

Mommy couldn’t have asked for a better baby to learn how to have a baby with. She sometimes hates to hear you cry but at the same time loves your sweet little cry. You are extremely sensitive when daddy and I are upset with each other but you still love us unconditionally as we love you unconditionally. Don’t worry, he and I still love each other too! I was saddened the other day thinking that you won’t always be my sweet cuddly baby and someday you might be a teenager that thinks she’s too cool for school or her parents but daddy told me to calm down, don’t make you grow up too fast. He also said you might love us just the same. I can’t wait to see what kind of a woman you grow up to be but please don’t grow up too fast! Stay as little as you can for as long as you can!


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