The AQHA World Show

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Truthfully the last time I attended the adult AQHA World Show my dad said I was 5.  I don’t think that counts, at all!  So Tbug, Hubby and I got to experience this together.  We headed down there Friday night after work so that we could be there first thing Saturday morning.

When we got to the hotel, we were greeted by this sign.  Very cool!

The show started at 8am with the Amateur Go-rounds (non-professional!).  They take back 15+ ties to the finals.  You have 5 judges, the top and the bottom score are thrown out and the middle three give you the total.  180 is the lowest, 230 is the highest.

Sadly we ran out of time on Sunday to see the Amateur finals.  We did however get to watch the Junior Go-rounds along with some of the Senior Go-rounds before we had to head back.

All the countries that are represented at the AQHA World Show.

It’s seriously the judges trailer.  They enter the trailer, go up the stairs and then they have their seats.  The judges have the second best seat in the house.  The showman has the first!

Tbug has a horse charging her… lol.

During the breaks we ran across the way to the trade show buildings.  They actually had 2 trade show buildings set up.  All types of vendors from hat makers to boot companies to exercise equipment were set up.

Hey yo, we’re here :).  LOL.

And here’s my sexy cowboy!

I think Tbug had an extremely good time, or at least I hope she did!

Saturday night we went and watched the Reining Finals.

Holy cow, the horse that won, he should have won hands down.  He marked a 229.  Their scores are the same way as cutting.  The second place definitely gave the first a run for their money but didn’t quite get there.

So don’t you think every little girl needs to go to a horse show and get her make-up done?  I told you, there were tons of different vendors at the trade shows.

Random things I saw walking around the trade show.  Oh and my Coke.  Yup, I drank a large coke.  I don’t drink pop anymore really if you’re new around here, but I didn’t pass it up.  I was thirsty.  Anyway this gal had her rabbit on a leash.  Said it was her pet and said it weighed 28lbs.

Tbug “conned” grandpa out of a halter for her Aloha.  It was custom made, she picked all the colors and they made the halter right there.  Then they had a silent auction for “Reining Out Cancer”.  This was one of the hats that was up for grabs.  We’ll see if I win…  And hubby, he has like a Hoss Hat on (Hoss off of Bonanza).  Don’t worry, they shape them good!!!  or should it really be well.  Well anyway, they shaped this hat, don’t worry.

Ah, Oklahoma City.  I’m sure going to miss you.  Maybe next time I come I can actually leave the fair grounds and go explore you.  Out of all the times I’ve ever been to OKC, I’ve always been to the fairgrounds (sheep & horses) and never been out to explore the city.

And one of those gorgeous Oklahoma sunsets.

Oh hey, you should check out my guest blog on Kenzie’s blog today!  I’m telling people reasons not to follow me.  yup, you read that correctly 🙂


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  1. Oh my gosh I am so incredibly jealous! I hope that I get to go one year (: Those look like some gorgeous horses. Glad that you guys had a great time!!

  2. Dang! I should have sent you with my boot size! So I finally decided to bite to bullet(actually Chris did) and get myself a new pair of boots, and wouldn't you know it, I can't find a single pair in my size. I am trying to find a snipped toe or narrow square toe in a 10.5-11 wide. Haha yeah it seems impossible. This is so frustrating. I have always bought mean's boots before, but now I actually want something kind of dressy girlie and I can't find them! Haha any suggestions?

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