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A Guest Post I wrote for Life & Lemons Make Lemonade blog
So lovely readers of Life & Lemons make Lemonade, how many of you know me? {crickets}  Really?  Sad… I think.

But it’s your lucky day because Kenzie asked me to introduce myself and my blog to you.  And I thought fabulous… then I got the worst case of writers block imaginable.

I kind of wanted to set myself apart from the other This is me, This is my blog posts and…. Nothing.  There’s the obvious, my names Nicole, I blog at Life’s a Beach.

I have a husband, a {step}daughter, 3 dogs and some horses.. but how fun is that?

So first off, let me start by saying I love Kenzie and I’m so glad she found my blog… not sure how but I won’t question it.  I’m just glad she did.  We’re friends now, even if she doesn’t claim me :).

Then Writer Block hit again.  Which you would think for as much as I like to talk, I wouldn’t get that… so I sat here and hummed and heed and yawned and drew and thought and slept and ok I really didn’t do all of that but I thought and thought and thought…  And this is what you get…

The Five Reasons Not to check out my blog.

Wait… did she really just type that?
Sure did…

1.  I’m married and crazy about my husband.  Our life isn’t always perfect but it’s A-Ok for us and I’m not afraid to share the weird every day adventures we’ve had.

2.  My dogs are weird.  I’m not afraid to share that either; like the night I was woke up at 4am with them running across the roof of my house.  The next morning I’m sure the neighbors thought I was crazy when I was chasing them while throwing shoes in a dress while trying to leave for work… btw, shingles and bare feet are NOT a good combination!

3.  My {step}daughter has her moments where she’s funny.  And if you don’t like laughing, I definitely wouldn’t check it out because you’ll laugh.  Did you know laughing burns 5 calories? {I’m full of useless info like that too}  And did you know I don’t like the word step daughter/stepmom.  Most people if they didn’t know any better would think she was mine anyway…

4.  I’m not athletic… like at all!  But the hubby and I decided to try our luck at this whole C25K (Couch to 5K) thing.  We need lots of cheer leaders, because remember, I said I’m not a runner.

5.   I’ve been blogging for a while and every now and again when I figure something out I really like to share.  I truly hope that it will help someone, but it is also there so I can remember of course :).

So there you have it… 5 reasons not to check my blog out, or technically maybe those are fabulous reasons to check me out.  On top of all of that I like using smily faces, … way to much, sometimes I’m funny… I try anyway, I love to travel even though I can’t nearly as often as I’d like, and so much more.  Please swing by and let me know you did.  I love meeting NEW people such as yourselves!
Thank you Kenzie for allowing me the opportunity to jont over here today.

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