Dinner and a show….

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The first night we were in Ft. Worth, we got done at the show late and the only thing open was Jack in the Box. Now, that’s a fast food restaurant, we grabbed our food through the drive through and went back to the hotel. But… the funny part was more when we placed the order…

Hubby was driving and pulled up to the speaker box. We ordered 3 #5’s a #6 and a #11. The #5 was a bacon cheeseburger, Tbug, hubby and me. When hubby ordered that, that’s when the fun started. Fun you ask, what fun? The guy taking our order cussed. Not really cussed at us or cussed us out, just dropped the F-bomb, said the 4 letter S word and a couple other under his breath. We started giggling in the van.

Then hubby ordered mom’s, a regular cheeseburger and more cussing ensued. We laughed even harder. I don’t think he was meaning to be heard but oh was it funny. Then we got up to the window to pay and get our food and more of the same funny stuff happened. Every time we passed the Jack in the Box that weekend, we giggled. How could you not. Like I said, he wasn’t cussing us out, it was like we bombarded him with our order or something and it was hilarious.

Now the food… eh, it was a fast food burger. (dad ordered chicken strips.) The food was okay I guess. Nothing to write home about… the show was where it all was.

Then they asked if we wanted sauce. We got 2 of all the sauces (I can’t remember all of them) and ketchup? yes please… we got a crapton of ketchup. It was funny. But the sayings on the packages were great.

And there you have it.

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