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I’m sure getting tired of this winter weather. Bring on the heat!! And a dry arena. I’m ready to start riding horses again, although once this spring hits, we’ll be down to 2 horses, KG & Squirty. Guess we’ll have to get to breaking Blondie. Aloha will be a mommy this spring. This is some exciting news, however we’ll have to come up with another horse for Tbug to ride for a short while. No big deal, she might get to ride Chico, we’ll see. She won’t be afoot though. As for show horses, it’s just KG & Squirty.

For Christmas Tbug got a saddle, saddle blanket & saddle rack. She came out Christmas Eve to ride Aloha and boy was it cold. The wind was out of the North and it was misting however it’s a good thing she didn’t come out Christmas Day like the original plan, she’d have had to ride in 17 degree weather and snow with gusting winds from the North. In the pictures, you can sure see Aloha’s belly.

Aloha was my dad’s 25th Wedding anniversary present from my mom. She wanted to go to Hawaii (hence the name) and dad wanted a horse, so they compromised and dad got a horse and mom gave her the barn name.

Daddy is helping her up on Aloha. Telling her where to grab to help pull herself up.

Stirrups are too short, we had to adjust them down. Brand new saddle = tight/stiff leather!

Riding around in Circles… I still think we need to drop the stirrups down another notch or 2… we’ll have to work on that.

She looks like she’s having fun 🙂 (mental note, definitely lower stirrups)

The saddle was starting to loosen up, but that happens after a few minutes of riding right after they are saddled. Can you see Aloha’s big belly?

Prince Charming & I got caught in pictures as well. It was so chilly that morning!

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