Quilt Block 1 & 2

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My friend Harriett is huge into quilting as is my grandmother. I’ve made a couple of quilts in my time plus a few blankets so I can sew, although I can’t put a button back on a shirt nor can I fix the pocket in my jeans. I won’t ask my mom, she threatened to throw them out if I asked again… so I’ll be hitting grandma up to help there too :).

Anyway, back to Harriett. She came across this quilt pattern thing on the internet where the lady gives you a pattern a week for 25 weeks and then on week 26 teaches you how to put them together into a quilt top. I hit grandma up and asked if she’d be willing/interested in helping Abug and me do this and she said absolutely. My grandma leads such a HUGE busy schedule that I had to get into her schedule.

She told me not to worry about fabric, she had material and we’d find things in her sewing room to complete this project. I started off with bright green and purple. Then really liked green and pink. I have no idea what my plans are, all I know is my plans are for my baby girl to spend time with her great-grandma and I get to spend time with the both of them! That’s the goal. So here are the first two quilt blocks. We’re a few weeks behind on this adventure. It’s all good though.

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