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First off I want to say Hi!! I am back. I am alive and I’m Married!!! Ok so now we’re on to the next chapter of life :). I’ve been trying to get caught up on everyone’s posts but being 10 days behind that’s quite a task! If I have missed something important you want me to read, please by all means let me know! (aka leave me a comment and/or link).

So I finally got pictures from my personals shower. I love them so much I have to share with you. I won’t bore you with ALL the details again, but I’ll give you the links back to the original posts if you missed so that you’ll know fully what was happening :).

First off, let me say I was completely SHOCKED with this. That explains the look on my face when I walked in the door. I wasn’t sure how to handle it… 🙂 I was speechless and absorbing it all in.

Here was my gorgeous house. They did a Tiffany’s themed shower, well because I like Tiffany’s. (shhhh don’t tell, and it’s my name…. and yes Nicole is my name too…. we all have 3 names)

As you can see, there were the panties that were hung up. I had to guess who brought which ones.

More of my decorated house.

Here I am patiently waiting to see what all is going to happen. It was snack time 🙂

After we all had eaten the wonderful array of desserts then it was time to open presents.

These were the Party Favors.

Nancy (a co-worker), my grandma and April’s mom, Dee.

PC’s sis Liss, April, & Sue

Thought I’d share a few of the presents (trust me I got gobs of pictures :))

This was from PC’s mom. My mom accused her of wanting more grand kids… LOL

Ah, now the Teddy Game. (So I can’t seem to find the Post about the Teddy… did I not share the last game with you??… if not let me know, even though the pics will give it away, you should hear how it works!)

Ah and now they reveal what was said while presents were being opened.

Here I am with my mother and my (at the time) future mother in law.

Then we added grandma into the mix 🙂

I stuck out like a sore thumb… but that’s what they said a bride should do.

Here is where they wrote down the house chores.

And me reading them.

And once the party was over, it was clean-up time.

Since it was my party, I wasn’t allowed to help clean up… so I sat there and played on PC’s cell phone because I didn’t know where mine was.

Me with my girls 🙂 I look like a giant but that’s because I was wearing short heels and they weren’t. Plus I am taller than both of them flat footed anyway.

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did 🙂

Peace, love, & fun times!

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  1. That was fun. But I think I missed the toilet paper wedding dress I thought everyone had to have at their showers : )

  2. CONGRATS!!!! I loved how you stood out in white and everyone else had on black! Love it!!! Everything looked beautiful…especially the house and Tiffany's Theme!!! Cant wait to see wedding pics!!! Congrats again!!!

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