Here a Chicky, There a Chicky, Everywhere a Chicky

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Wow, you might want to start calling our house Old Macdonald’s Farm… LOL

So you remember a while back when we had the unexpected chicks show up?

Well if you’ll also remember, Pokey and Earl said if we’d get an incubator, they’d give us some eggs to hatch out.

So that’s what we did, the exact same day the chickies showed up.  Go figure :).

Well we weren’t sure how many eggs they’d give us, we wound up with 37 eggs.  Wow, really?  Yup!

The first batch they gave us had I dunno probably 15-18 eggs in it.  Well we didn’t know that was it so we ordered a few more eggs to hatch out when Earl texted and said they had another bucket of eggs for us.  Oh boy!  Then on top of that we got 12 duck eggs and my mom and husband wanted some peacock’s so we have a few of those eggs as well.  Needless to say we had to get a second incubator and BOTH are full!

2 weekends ago when our daughter was with us one of the batches of ordered eggs showed up so PC allowed her to help put them in the incubator.  At first I was worried because they have to stand on end, small end down, for 24 hours when they arrive.  They sat on egg crates on our coffee table and she just about knocked them over more than once.  That would have been a Nasty mess to clean up but we luckily didn’t have to.  {God was looking out for us!}

So anyway, a point to my rambling… This weekend, the first set of eggs we placed in should be hatching.  Chick eggs take 21 days.  Then next weekend our second set of Chick eggs should be hatching.  The next weekend that Tbug is with us should be the duck eggs since they take 28 days and the following weekend should be our Peacock’s.

OH. MY. GOSH. our house will be over run by birds!

Not to mention the first batch that showed up to us alive.  When we went back and re-counted we’d had 16 but the cold snaps a few weeks ago took 2 away from us 🙁 so we’re down to 14 but they are alive and thriving and sprouting feathers like crazy!

Well you’ve heard of the crazy cat lady, please don’t call me the crazy bird lady 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend and trust me, if I can catch it on camera, you’ll have cute little chicky/eggy photos come sometime next week 🙂

Flying into the weekend,

0 thoughts on “Here a Chicky, There a Chicky, Everywhere a Chicky

  1. I don't think you're going to miss the two you lost…

    See, I did not know that. Do they tell you they have to go small end down for the first 24 hours?
    Does the incubator manual tell you that? If so, I probably should buy our first incubator rather than try to make one.

    Or buy hens. 😉

    Congratulations on all the new and soon to be new additions! 🙂

  2. LindaG
    The eggs only have to sit for 24 hours small end down if they have been shipped! it allows them to settle from all the bouncing and being thrown by the us postal service 😉

  3. Yes but cats don't lay eggs and we don't eat them. (Well most don't) So technically you aren't a crazy bird lady! 🙂
    Have a great weekend Nicole!

  4. PS You are not the crazy bird lady. No I am pretty sure she lives in my neighborhood as I hear her squawking McCaws every #$%@ day!

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