Me at His Age

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Yesterday I shared photos of Prince Charming 7 years ago. While he was in the army and had a new baby, I went a different route. I was in college, running in queen contests, traveling, etc. I thought I would find a couple photos of me about 7 years ago (give or take) so we could compare :).

I was 18 here. My Freshman year of college. I was in a class that went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks down to their Agriculture schools. Here I’m eating Sugar Cane. I don’t think I was all that impressed….

Milking one of their cows. My professor was obsessed with “milking” me. He would hit me with milk from the cows and the goats we milked.

We also went White Water Rafting in class III, IV, V rapids.

Still 18. (This was the July after Costa Rica in May)

This was the summer I turned 20. Dang look how skinny I was!
(in college compared to my friend I was the skinny one, in high school compared to my friends I was the big one)

This was Sophomore year of college, I threw this in there b/c Janet is right beside me here.
I hope she reads this one =P

Hope you enjoy the old reminiscing photos… I’m not done yet 🙂 I told you I have a great story here when I share some other photos as to why I’m looking at all these old photos.Until next time,
Peace, Love and food!
Nicole 🙂

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