Oldies but Goodies

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I’ve been messing around with old photos lately (boy do I have a fun story about that, I’ll share when I share some of those photos) but I found a couple I thought I’d share with you right now.

It’s crazy how in just a few years we can all change. Babies grow up, we ourselves get taller/shorter/skinner/heavier, lose our hair, grow our hair, get facial hair, cut our hair, shave our head, whatever floats our boat. In digging for some photos for Tbugs scrapbook, Her mom helped us out with some photos plus she ran across some of these that I’m about to show.

Look how skinny Prince Charming was!! He’d just gotten through basic training with the army, came home and on his way back hit a semi in his Chevy S-10. He was able to “walk” away from it, or more like belly crawl. It messed up his leg but the doctors were able to fix him up, but that explains the wheel chair.

This was taken roughly 7 years ago when Tbug was just out of the hospital after being born.
(PC isn’t sure who the other girl in the photo is)
(taken January 2003)

Here’s PC (notice the leg up, still bummed!), his Grandma, his dad, and baby Tbug

Now jump forward about 7 years and looky looky what we have here….

PC, Grandma, Dad & Tbug
(taken February 2010)

Crazy what 7 years will do to you huh?

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