DWTS – Week 8

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Haha so this has just been a stressful and taxing week. I know it doesn’t do good to stress and worry because that won’t do anything but drive you to the looney bin, but if I go, I want to meet Buggs Bunny :). So when I was making up my little picture, I screwed up the week, yup, look down there, it says week 7 not week 8 and I’m being lazy and not really in the mood to change it so we’ll all know that I made the mistake and we’ll move on :). Don’t tell anyone!

I always get told not to tell on myself anyway… so we’ll just pretend that I never put that on there and we’ll pretend I’m not lazy and we’ll pretend that the 7 looks like an 8 and so on and so forth :).

I woke up this morning to heavy down pours and thunder/lightening. Then got to work just before 8 and heard that there was a tornado on the ground about 40 miles from here and it had taken out a Pizza Hut in another town. I got to work and people shared photos. Guess it hit around 7 this morning. And yeah that doesn’t really fit into this post at all but I just thought I would share.

So on to Dancing with the Stars Results from this week:

1. Erin really upped her game. I think she has potential she’s holding back but she’s starting to break free and show that potential.

2. Evan is pretty consistent. He and Anna had a futuristic Cha Cha Cha. It’s funny because they did a lot of the robot. Now my favorite Futuristic dance was the Paso Doble that Derek and his partner last season (Joanna Krupa) did. That was phenomenal imo.

3. Niecy seems to actually do better with ballroom than she does the latin dances. She upped her game this week and it showed. When it came down to it, she went home though.

4. Chad was in the bottom 2. My mom heard the Entertainment people saying their predictions would be he would go home this week, Nicole would win followed by Evan but never said who would have 3 and 4 spots. Their predictions were wrong. He’s still in it.

5. Nicole… OMG what can you say. She’s excellent! She pushes herself a little much which sometimes causes flaws but she’s basically flawless. Sometimes I think Len is a little to hard on her with his scores/criticisms and OMG their 1950’s style Paso Doble was outstanding. Derek is a good choreographer when it comes to that type of thing!

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