The Peanut Post – Month 6

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Stats: My scales won’t work right now so I can’t even do a rough estimate on what you weigh. We’re going for your 6 month appointment after the first of the year. so I’ll have official weight/height measurements then.

Wearing: You’re wearing 3-6 and 6 month outfits for the most part. There are a few 6 month outfits that are too large for you, but for the most part you’re wearing 3-6 month outfits. Diapers are still size 2 but we’re almost to the point of size 3. Shoes… well you still don’t like shoes nor do you like socks. Shoe size is like a 2-3 for what I put on you but again you don’t keep them on so I don’t fuss with them much, yet.

Sleep: Your nightly routine is the 4 B’s. shower (Bath), food (Bottle), (Burp),  (bed). You sleep through the night most of the time although this last week you woke up with a nightmare screaming. You fight nap time sleep for some reason and I can’t seem to get you on any kind of a consistent nap schedule. Sometimes you take cat naps of 30 minutes and other times you’ll sleep for 3 hours. You do much better with the longer naps!

Behavior: You’re not afraid to let us know when you’re hungry or tired. There is a difference in the screams too. You should have abs of steel. You’re constantly putting your legs up in the air and then trying to sit up. One of your favorite toys seems to be your feet. You hate shoes and pull them off. You hate socks and pull them off. You love water bottles and paper and I’m pretty sure that everyone could have gotten you that for Christmas and you’d have been happy. You also love to play with the baby in the mirror although the other day I think that baby made you mad. lol.

Eating: You are still eating 6oz every 3 1/2-4 hours. We’ve started trying foods. You’ve tried Sweet Potato, Squash, Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Apple Pie filling (not anything hard, the gooey stuff), Blueberry Jam and some other things.

Appearance: Your hair changes from Red to blonde depending on the color of the lighting you’re in. You have long fingers and long toes. Your stork bite is starting to go away. Your hair is getting extremely long, so far you haven’t lost it. And you still have those pretty blues!

Likes: You like to “talk”. You like to smile. You like your feet. You like car rides. You like going places. You liked Ft. Worth and didn’t mind Santa or the Longhorn steer you rode. You like music. You like chewing on everything in sight. You like water bottles. You like paper. You like to push buttons on mommy’s laptop. You like to be held. You like to snuggle with daddy when it’s bed time.

Dislikes: You don’t care for going to sleep, especially by yourself. You don’t like when daddy leaves for work, but you will snuggle with his pillow. You don’t like to be by yourself. You don’t like Great Grandma’s dog Jake. Dogs seem to scare you a little but you don’t mind looking at them from a distance. Bigger dogs don’t seem to scare you as much as little dogs do either.

Milestones: You can sit up now for a short period of time. You can roll over. Getting close to your first word. You’re laughing now. You love when daddy tickles you.

Mommy: I can’t stand when you’re upset but I’m having to let you try and self sooth which is killing me. I still feel like I’m doing things wrong all the time. Mommy wants you involved in EVERYTHING. Mommy is enjoying the fact that you’re sleeping longer in the mornings. Mommy is enjoying our extra time together although at times she gets frustrated when she can’t figure out what’s wrong. Usually that’s when you’re fighting sleep and NOTHING soothes you. Mommy loves when you smile and laugh and spending time with each other.

Daddy: Daddy loves spending time with you. He loves to snuggle with you and lately you guys have been playing, especially right before shower time a lot. You stick your tongues out at each other and spit at each other (don’t know the best way to describe this… it’s where you have your tongue stuck out and blow air across your tongue and out of your lips…). Sometimes when you are upset, daddy is the only one who can calm you down. You are still his baby squirrel.

Other: Everyone wants to pick on your hair. I’m sorry if you got mommy’s hair. She knows what it’s like to have crazy hair… she’s lived with it pretty much her whole life. Any time you go stay the night with grandma and grandpa, mommy feels lost. She’s getting so used to taking care of you that she feels weird when she isn’t. That’ll probably hit her pretty hard when you get to the point you don’t need her. Wow, typing that makes me even want to start crying. I never truly believed that having a baby would be as rewarding as it has been and it truly is different when it is your own baby. Although wait many years before you have your first, trust me, make your mark on the world. It’ll be worth it! So in other news… your mommy can still put her big toe in her mouth, just not quite like you do… you kick your foot straight back into your mouth… I have to bend a bit… :). I wonder if you’ll know what lol stands for some day… it means laugh out loud in case that is gone out of vocabulary when you’re old enough to read.


Dear baby girl,

Well we survived our first Christmas together and I sure hope it was everything you hoped it would be. Although you probably had no expectations :). Santa came to visit so that’s good. Means you were a good girl. You’re daddy and I went to wake you up on Christmas morning and when daddy said, “Wake up baby girl, let’s see if Santa visited,” you smiled soooooo big. You didn’t wake up on that note but you had the biggest grin. You pretty much lived in Christmas outfits this month. I know when you get older that won’t be the cool thing to do, but we had to do it as long as we could :). You also had your very own Santa hat.

I can’t imagine you not in our life. It’s crazy how you go from a life without you to a life with you in no time flat. I’m so glad that God picked your daddy and me to be your parents. Stay sweet and remember that mommy and daddy love you!


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