Baby Showers Galore

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Okay so maybe it was just one baby shower but it was gorgeous. Very Pinterest worthy! Over the weekend a friend of mine (who was 20 weeks behind me while I was pregnant :)) had her baby shower. Her little bundle of joy is due the end of November (I want to say the 27th which would be almost exactly 20 weeks behind me…). Wow time is flying by! It seems like she was just finding out and now she’s about ready to pop! I’m soooo dang happy for her too!

My peanut went with me to the shower. My SIL happened to be there and she asked if she could get baby girl out of her carseat. I said of course and then Baby Girl SCREAMED. BLOODY. MURDER. I have no idea what came over her. I claimed she just wanted everyone to know she was there. She was also, oddly enough just as content sitting in her carseat in a chair pulled up to the table like a big girl I guess. That’s where she stayed most of the shower until she had to have a diaper change (do you think the word diaper is weird or am I alone on that?). My SIL changed her for me so that I could get Cassie pictures. Well then Liss and baby girl were buddies. I guess it’s the initiation, if you change the diaper you can’t be so bad?

Baby girl was the youngest in attendance, but she was in good company, there was another baby who was 5 1/2 months. So, from here I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

There were Carrot, Strawberry and Chocolate cupcakes. Cassie’s sister kept yelling at everyone to eat them because she didn’t want to take them home :).

Guess the number in the baby bottle. I think the answer was 104. I guessed 250 just to take a random stab in the dark.

The ABC’s of babies. We had 60 seconds to answer the letters of the alphabet with baby things. I got 10.

Cassie got some great things and Paisley is going to be extremely LOVED! I’m so happy for you Cassie. Now let’s get that baby girl here!

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