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So I got to thinking about what all still needs to be done for the wedding and what has been done for the wedding. That caused me to make a list this morning. I think I’ll share it with you all. For those of you getting married, maybe you can help jog my memory of what I’m forgetting, for those of you already married, you should be pros and know what I’m forgetting, I hope :). Boy that was a run-on sentence!

  1. I have my dress
  2. I have orders in for the guys tuxes, they are going at the end of the month to get fitted/measured.
  3. My Flower girls dress is done, shoes are bought, she’s decked out!
  4. We’re still torn on the ring bearer… I can’t see spending so much money to rent him a tux :(, that bothers me.
  5. We have the reception hall booked but still need to do a finalized tour.
  6. We have the church and have had one meeting with the preacher… still need to schedule at least one more, depending on what he says.
  7. I have the florist booked, I need to get back with him to finalize details.
  8. I have the flower girl’s petals & basket
  9. My mom is making the ring bearer’s pillow
  10. I have my videographer booked.
  11. I have my photographer and 2nd photographer booked.
  12. All rings have been sized so they are good to go.
  13. I have the flowers to make a few arrangements for the church/reception hall, just haven’t made them yet.
  14. My ushers have been notified/agreed and they have their suits ready to go.
  15. I just got my invitations mailed out yesterday.
  16. I got my bridesmaid’s gifts ordered yesterday. I’m going to have them embroidered (shhhh don’t tell).

  17. My bridesmaids dresses are bought and in our possession.
  18. I have my shoes.
  19. Bridesmaids have their shoes.
  20. PC called to see what it would take to get a marriage license
  21. I have my guest book attendant
  22. I have the gift table attendant
  23. I have the photo frames for our guest book (not doing the normal guest book)

Ok So what am I forgetting? I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch, and I may already have it done, I’m just not thinking of it…

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  1. I might have to check that out! A gal at work said she's helped plan 2 weddings in the last year so she just shot me a check list. Over the weekend I freaked out when I realized I only had 8 weekends left.

  2. I'm sure you mailed my invitation out with the rest, right? No wonder I eloped when I got married. That's a lot of planning. You seem to be on top of it. Have a happy marriage and I hope the wedding goes off without a hitch.

  3. I would say put the ring bearer in like dress khakis, a little blazer and a bow tie – will be just as cute as a tux and honestly nobody will give it a second thought. Plus, he might have some of this already – check Target or something. Sounds like you're ahead of the game so far!

  4. awww you are doing good. Be sure that if you are going out of the country for a honeymoon you have passports.

    Have you thought about food and drinks for the reception?

    Also think about doing a few trial hair styles so it will be perfect for your big day!!!!

    I am so excited for you !!!

  5. I kind of think a tux for a ring bearer would be a bit much. Little boys are pretty hard on their clothes under the best of circumstances. I wouldn't want to be his mother, worrying about a tux. I'm with the other poster on the suggestion for dress pants, shirt, and maybe matching a tie and/or cumberbund to your colors.

  6. Nerves, haha, I broke down on Saturday and had a short panic attack. I only have 8 weekends… counting in days doesn't seem like much, counting in weeks didn't bother me, but weekends… that freaked me out… I think I'm better now, I think 🙂

  7. I've been married for nearly 25 years and I can tell you that all the details I put time and effort into on my wedding are long forgotten, both by my guests and by me. Relax and enjoy. Nobody will every know if something isn't quite right, including you. I remember a LOT more details about the day my kids were born than I do about the day we got married :0! RELAX!!!

  8. Have to agree with the above poster…just relax and enjoy your big day! I know you want it to be perfect and I am sure it will be!

    I have to say(again,lol), after reading your list up there, I am SO glad that DH and I had 1 week to prepare for our wedding.If we had tried to do a big fancy one where the planning spanned for months I think I would have killed someone! LOL

  9. excellent idea. Yeah I've thought about that and I think we've even talked about it. Like maybe 1 for every table so hopefully kids don't grab on to them and we get weird pictures but we do get some guest perspective shots too 🙂

  10. I am going with what “Down on the Farm” and Lisa said. Things like a missing flower arrangement or off color ribbon will be long forgotten in the long run. What you will remember is the look on his face when you walk down the isle, holding TBug's hand for the first time as her step-mommy, and how awesome it was to be pronounced “husband and wife”.

  11. I'm on too much ambien to go over this list effectively, but it looks like you've go everything covered!

    I love your bridesmaids gifts. I was considering doing that as well for mine.

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