Baby Reveal #2

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We planned on revealing to our Sunday Night Dinner friends what the sex of the baby was as well.  They tried and tried to pry it out of us but neither of us would budge.  Tbug found out Saturday and was sworn to secrecy.  While we were at breakfast on Sunday morning after church the kids and adults were even trying to get it out of Tbug but she didn’t budge.  I think we annoyed people but I wanted to do a cake for them as well!

Hubby decided he didn’t want me to have to stress out to make a second cake so he went to the store and ordered this cake.  This was actually where he and Tbug went Saturday morning while I was decorating the peanut cake.

When he placed the order he showed the lady from their book the exact cake he wanted.  The lady asked what he wanted it to say, he said, exactly what that picture shows.  So he sent Tbug to go look at pizzas and told the lady, she doesn’t know but the baby is going to be a girl.  The lady ignored him.  So a few minutes later he said again, the baby is going to be a girl.  Finally after being ignored that time he was like, are you going to write it down somewhere that the baby is going to be a girl?

When we picked the cake up Sunday hubby was scared one of 2 things… the outside was going to say it’s a girl instead of Open to see…. or else it was going to be blue instead of pink… lol :).  It was a surprise!

So we showed up at the Superbowl party/Sunday Night Dinner with the cake and I kinda guarded it so one of the kids didn’t stick their finger in it…  JT really wanted to stick his finger in it just to be ornery but I wouldn’t let him!

We finally decided that we should open the cake before kick off, plus we’d all eaten before this anyway so it was definitely dessert time!  Earlier in the week Earl really hurt her foot and is on crutches but when I asked who was going to cut into it, she volunteered so she got up and everyone gathered around.  We had bets going as to what everyone thought and I’ll bet it was about half and half maybe.  Anyway some were shocked and some were like, “I knew it!”  

And yey, the lady got it all right!! :).  After we had our two big reveals I put this picture up on facebook with the comment that hubby must have a goal in life to be surrounded by women… lol 🙂
btw, Tbug looks soooo enthused right?  I think she was annoyed with pictures at this point :).

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