The Playoff Game

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If you watch football any at all, you’ll know the last few years haven’t really been good for the Kansas City Chiefs.  In fact they were 2-14 last year and this year they made the playoffs.  Hubby and I were invited to some friend’s house to watch the playoffs, KC Chiefs against the Indianapolis Colts.

Don’t worry there is only Coke in my Red Solo Cup :).

There was lots and lots of great food!  I made Pepperoni Rolls.  Dani got back from Germany and brought French and German Chocolate.  There was salsa, chips, salami, pepperoni, cheese, crackers, cinnamon rolls, and oh goodness much more.

The game may not have turned out the way we wanted, they lost to the Colts by 1 point, 44-45. We still had a lot of fun with friends while yelling at the tv.  At one point Deb was grounded to the kitchen to eat because every time she went in there they did good.  I got grounded to the bathroom at the end because same thing, they did good when I left.  One TV kept blacking out so at halftime 2 went into the bedroom to watch so we blamed it all on them.  It was a great evening is all I have to say!

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