Baby Reveal Party

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Because hubby and I had that specialist appointment on Wednesday last week, we asked the ultra sound tech that if she were to find out the sex of the baby, we’d like to know.  She said she’d see what she could do, especially because baby wasn’t cooperating at all at the beginning of the ultrasound.

My parents went up with us to the appointment but sat in the waiting room so they weren’t privy to the information.  When we left we kinda bragged that we knew what the sex of the baby was but we weren’t going to reveal until Saturday when we had our reveal party.

My mom did everything she could to get me to tell her but I withstood.  In fact so did everyone else.  I think that helped me not slip up :).

So we invited my parents, hubby’s parents, Tbug (of course), My SIL, my grandma and hubby’s grandma over to our house on Saturday for lunch.  We decided to have everyone wear the color shirt that they thought the baby could be.  After the matter that we found out we thought we should have had the lady seal the information in an envelope and taken it to a bakery and let us all be surprised together… but since we didn’t, I made the cake.

I made a Strawberry Velvet Cake and used my decorating icing recipe for the icing.  I should have gone cream cheese icing, knowledge for later!  I woke up Saturday morning needing to decorate the cake.  Hubby planned on running to town so I sent Tbug with him so she wouldn’t know the answer either and I decorated while they were gone.

Because hubby and I knew what the baby was we tried to decide what to do to throw everyone off.  I decided that we’d just wear different color shirts so hubby went pink and I went blue, especially since that’s kind of what we each thought until we found out for sure.  Tbug went blue but cheated with pink on her blue shirt… lol.

Once they got back from town we went to work on the food.  We decided to keep it simple so we did burgers, baked potatoes and green beans.  Tbug and hubby seasoned the baked potatoes and stuck them in the oven and let the oven do all the work.

Then hubby mixed up the ingredients for the burgers and Tbug had her hands all in that… literally :).

My FIL and Grandmother in law showed up so my FIL and Tbug made the burger patties and then he taught Tbug how to cook the hamburgers on the inside grill since it was cold outside.

Everyone wanted to eat cake first but I was like, NOPE! :).  30 more minutes won’t hurt you to wait… lol.  We got everyone something to drink, took tabs on what everyone thought baby was and ate lunch.

Finally we cleared off the table and brought out the cake.  We thought it would be fun for Tbug to cut the cake since she was the youngest at the party.

And let it be known, the baby is a…..

And there you have it boys and girls.  We’re having a girl.  Although my biggest fear is we told everyone that and then another ultra sound will reveal a boy. ha!

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