Week 19

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How far along? 19 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: I started refusing to look at the scale. I renamed all of them a$$hole 🙂

How big is baby? Baby is the size of a Mango. The website says that the baby is 6.0 inches long and 8.5 oz.

  • Baby is developing a protective coating over the skin, called vermix caseosa. It’s greasy and white and you may see some of it at birth. (yuck!)
  • Working on five sense. Nerve cells for her sense of taste, hearing, sight, and smell are developing in her brain.

Maternity Clothes?  I haven’t tried on any clothes that weren’t maternity clothes other than my gym shorts and hubbys tshirts.

Stretch Marks? Well I haven’t found any yet but I haven’t looked real hard either.

Best moment this week? We had an ultra sound plus a drs appointment where we heard the babies heart beat. It’s real exciting when you’ve had as many problems as we’ve had throughout this whole thing, btw we’re looking at about 130 beats per minute. Also getting the phone call from the specialist saying that we fell into the good range for the Harmony test when dealing with the Trisomy 18!!

Movement? You know, I really haven’t felt anything.

Food Cravings/Aversions? Actually none that I can think of, but at the same time nothing sounds very good.

What I miss: My clothes fitting.  Not feeling so out of breath all the time.  Sleeping through the night without bathroom breaks.

What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling that baby kick, although then I hear that once it starts then it’ll be annoying when I sleep??

Nausea/Vomiting? So far this week I’ve been okay but I’m coughing my lungs up.  I’m soooo ready to be over this cough as I’m sure baby is too.

Labor signs? Let’s sure hope not! Way to early!

Gender? We found out we are having a girl although I keep joking that today’s appointment they’ll tell me it’s a boy.

Belly Button in or out?  Wow, does it look weird. And truth be told, belly buttons kind of weird me out anyway (weird I know) but it’s getting shallow….

Wedding rings on or off?  On although my fingers keep swelling some…

Sleep? The doctor gave me cough medicine to get me through the night which has actually been helping me sleep at night. You have no idea what this cough is like :).

Weekly Wisdom: I’m losing my mind I swear. I get these really good thoughts and then they just disappear like they weren’t even there. Naps have been my bestestestestest friend this week but I think it’s because of this dang cold. Oh and a cute moment: hubby talks to the baby and kisses my belly good night every night. I sooooo love that man!

Due Date: Thursday June 26, 2014.  The ultra sound showed that the babies due date is June 27, 2014. Pretty darn close to what we came up with, right?

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