Same ol' Same ol'

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  September 25, 2013
Friday Nights: 
We haven’t had a normal Friday night in ages!
Hair Style:
I typically wear it down and straight or up in a ponytail.  
Every now and again I curl it with my Chi.  
I have long bangs that are growing into the rest of my hair and I’m in desperate need of a haircut.  
Sadly my roots are growing out again and need to be fixed, so right now I have the whole Ombre look that was (maybe still is?) quite popular but it really wasn’t intentional on my part! 
Favorite place to dine out:
Oh heck, I don’t know…
Favorite Outfit: 
Sadly I’ve gained weight and seems most of my clothes don’t fit anymore.
Love Life:
Our marriage is strong.
Life is too short to argue all the time.
Remember, The first part is exciting, the second part is where the real depth comes in!

Home Life: 
Our life is taking a different turn than we thought it would three years ago when we got married.  
Our dogs still LOVE to litter our yard with their latest finds so we aren’t ever quite sure what we’ll find.

TV shows: 
 The Pioneer Woman’s cooking show on Food Network
Dancing with the Stars
The Middle
Grey’s Anatomy
Friends Reruns
Big Bang Theory

Extra time: 

What extra time?

I got myself a blogging gig for our local dive shop, until they don’t like my posts I guess :). 
I still love to cook but sometimes feel like I have NO time.

What excites me: 
 *Playing with my camera 
*Spending time with my husband
*Riding horses
*Tbug cooking with me

A moment I never want to forget:  
*Just spending time with my family
*Scuba Diving
*Making new friends
*Going back to school and feeling really dumb
*My Morelli Dog, we lost him a few weeks ago 🙁

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0 thoughts on “Same ol' Same ol'

  1. I keep seeing Ombre hair on Pinterest… so I think you're right in style, whether you mean to be or not! haha! 🙂

  2. Awe, I always love an opportunity to know more about you! Is that a recent picture of you and hubby? If so, I think your hair looks great! Yeah, what is a normal Friday night anyway? Ours is pretty typical of going out to eat with my brother's family (lots of kids) and coming home to get into bed and try to get a little extra sleep. Maybe watching a show like catching up on Downton Abbey. Pretty boring stuff! As many dining out blog posts as you write, you can't even come up with one favorite? 🙂 Yes, I would say you have a good strong marriage from the looks of it and seem to know how to keep these lively and exciting (maybe that is one of the keys to a happy and long lasting marriage?). And I know all about the difficulties of going back to school, but it has its good moments too. 🙂

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