Why We Work

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So Bonnie introduced this blog topic yesterday and I thought, I should do this… Why We Work. Like every couple, my husband and I have a strange and weird past that included each other as friends for a while, we went our separate ways and made our place in the world and then we came back to each other. I guess what they say is true,

We compliment each other.
We both have our strengths and our weaknesses but we never see them, instead we work with each other to help complete that circle.

We aren’t each others missing half.
Say what? Well think about it, I am a complete person without him. I can function by myself with or without him. He’s the same way, but having each other in our lives just makes life that much more fun and interesting.

We are sooooooo weird, together.
I’m not kidding, we are both weird. We just look at each others weirdness and laugh. We accept each other for everything that we are and everything we aren’t.

We fight.
Come on, every couple fights. We try to fight fair, but not always. Some days we both fall into childish behavior but at the end of the day there is no one else I’d rather fight with.

He is my best friend.
I can’t wait to tell him about my day. Sometimes I have to call him during the day to tell him how frustrated I am or how happy I am. We laugh together, cry together and console each other. That’s what best friends are there for, to help you get through the good times and the bad.

We share everything.
Especially colds but I’m really thinking we could do without sharing colds…. I’m just saying :). We might even be accused of oversharing with each other sometimes but whatever it is what keeps things interesting!

We work really on so many levels that it is hard to single them all out, just know we’re there for each other no matter what. That’s what you need in a spouse (significant other) anyway! Someone you can’t wait to run home and tell everything about your day. Someone you’re willing to be goofy with. Someone who compliments you. I found that in him!

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