Josie’s Ristorante – Scammon, KS

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Saturday afternoon my hubby and I were tired of hanging around the house.  It really was too hot to do much, so we jumped in the car and headed off toward West Mineral, KS toward Big Brutus.
About a year ago or so we had a really funny conversation about this one restaurant in this one town over in Kansas somewhere having to do with 400.  Well after my hubby googled what info I could actually give him we found out it was Josie’s in Scammon, KS.

It just so happens that Scammon is 7 miles from West Mineral where Big Brutus is located.  Perfect outing!!

Welcome to Scammon, KS population 482.

Eventually I did learn that the 400 that I thought of was actually 400 Main Street.  Yey :).

In my opinion, this is great Italian food in the middle of nowhere!

The meal started off with a salad.  I asked for Ranch dressing on mine.  Truthfully, the two I like are Ranch & Cesar.

They also started with bread & butter.

Now, I’m not sure if this was for your bread, or to go with the salad, but either way, it was yummy.  We ate it with the salad.  We ate it with the bread.  Heck we even tried it with just the fork.

Then the main course.  I chose Chicken Parmesan.  Heck yeah! 🙂  It was yummy!

Hubby went with the classic Lasagna.  It was great too!

I’ve always heard mixed reviews about this restaurant.  Seems like people either like it or not.  I give it a two thumbs up :).  It was yummy!

One note to make, when we visited they had a sign up that said Cash or Checks only.  Be prepared, otherwise, there is a gas station just up the road with an ATM 🙂
How about an article??  I found one on the interwebs.  Like the interwebs, sometimes I do 🙂
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