Time to Play on the Horse Walker (again)… Coronavirus Day 19

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When I was a kid, my parents bought this horse walker. What is a horse walker? It is exactly what it says, a horse walker. There have been times we had horses get hurt and we had to slowly bring them back (think physical therapy for people, but for horses). You can put them on the walker and it helps build back muscles. Say you have multiple horses and you need to warm them up or cool them down, you place them on the walker. Say it is winter and you want them to get outside and stretch their legs, hello horse walker.

It’s a machine that helps the horse walk around in a controlled manner.

When I was a kid, one of the arms had a swing put on it for me to ride on. The horses learned how to stop the machine and as a kid, I loved to ride the thing… it was my job to keep the horses walking.

When my parents sold their house, we took the horse walker with us. And then it sat there… It got messed up, I just don’t remember what happened. So this spring we decided to see if we could fix it. And hubby and dad were able to do just that. They got it back up and running. So it was time to let the little see the fun of riding on the horse walker. 

I would be lying if I wasn’t a bit jealous. I wanted to ride. There is still something wrong that we have to fix on it, but we’re getting closer!

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