We're a Team

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And together we can conqueror all things!

And that has nothing really to do other than, I popped into my head and I had to share!

Ok so it’s been a realllllly long time since I’ve updated my 101 list.  But I’ve actually mastered a few things.  Life has been so super busy crazy, especially right now with Finals week coming up next week.  In fact I have my Lab final tonight.  OMG wish me luck, I’m so going to need it.

Anyway back to the subject at hand:  The 101 List.

26) Make a homemade berry pie from fresh picked berries

Isn’t it beautiful???

this was prebaked, but oh so yummy!

49) Learn to can my own vegetables

 We have mastered both our Pressure Canner we got as a wedding present as well as how to freeze them!

52) Keep our house picked up for one month

My husband is the absolute best!  He cleaned the house for us one day and it’s been clean since.  We’ve had a few just small random cleaning sessions like the day I moved the furniture and swept under them and we re-arranged, but otherwise, my husband is awesome! The cleaning streak hit him and he went to town!

62) Go berry picking

 It helps that we have a Cherry tree in our yard!  But last year we had a late freeze and it killed all the cherries, apples, pears & grapes, so this was the first year since we moved in we were able to pick berries off the tree!

99) Make all recipes in the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook (24/64)

I’m not anywhere close to being done here, but I’ve made a few more recipes.

100) Do a yearly post wedding Scrapbook page (highlighting the years events)

I actually changed this up a bit.  I’m now making a “memories” book which is different than a scrapbook.  At our wedding shower I received a book.  My friend Nancy had everyone write comments for a good marriage in it.  I’ve now gone back and added photos to this book, memories, quotes, songs, etc that mean something to us.

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  1. Way to go! I've been sooo slacking on my 101 List, but I do have some things coming up this summer that will help me cross stuff off the list!

  2. That pie looks gorgeous. Like too awesome to eat!
    I LOVE 101 List. It's so fun setting goals and marking them off isn't it?

  3. Dude, your house was clean a whole month! I can't even keep mine clean for a day! Darn gremlins! 😛 That is awesome.

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