Fall Y’all

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Guys, it’s fall. The weather has even cooled down, at least in the morning. Our days, well they are hit and miss. Some days it’s warm and some days it’s cooler. Never cool, just cooler.

By the way, I may type y’all sometimes for effect, but I don’t really say that word. It tends to be hey guys or you guys or you all or something. Just a random bit of information about yours truly to bring us closer together. If you hear me say the word y’all, I’m usually just being silly.

We’re headed into the last quarter of the year. How is that even possible? It feels like we just had Christmas or New Years or Winter or something. I guess technically not because winter implies cold weather and it’s been hot around these parts this summer… but at the same time, we had such a mild winter last winter that was it even winter…? Things to ponder.

I read something the other day questioning if you had achieved your resolutions or not. Well, technically I didn’t make any resolutions. I never do. I hate to set myself up for failure in that category I guess… But I did have some goals to achieve. So did I achieve them? Probably not. I’m a failure in that category too I guess.

We’re headed into my favorite time of year though… how can that be a failure? While Summer is my favorite season, This time of year is my favorite! I’m not a cold weather fan… I hurt and ache in the cold weather and am usually cold and can never get warm, but this time of year. Oh, how I love it! I just wanted to say, you have 3 months left in this year. Don’t worry if you are behind on those resolutions or goals, just get to cracking! A lot can happen in three months. Trust me, I know.

That’s all I wanted to say this round… Good luck and get to cracking! You can hammer out those goals in no time flat!

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