10 Things to Smile About December

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We’re now at not only the end of the month but the end of the year. How did we get here, it just seems like it was January 1st. But it’s time to link up with EmmyMom with her 10 Things to Smile about mem so here we go, in no particular order:

1. Our 2014 Christmas Tree. Baby Girl has already walked her walker over and started playing with her ornaments or the lights or the tree :). I hate to say it but I absolutely LOVE it!

2. We helped with Newton County Christmas 4 Kids. Not nearly enough, but we did get to help!

3. We went to the Missouri Governors Mounted Guard Christmas Party.

4. We took baby girl to her first NCHA Futurity in Ft. Worth, TX.

5. Baby Girl got to meet Santa! It was a Cowboy Santa at that!

6. Slow days spent snuggling my baby and wrapping Christmas presents.

7. We continued our Cookie Tradition.

8. Baby girl turned 6 months old.

9. Tbug got to be with us Christmas Eve through Christmas Day. We also attended Candlelight services on Christmas Eve.

10. Tim and his family came up and hubby got to see/spend some time with his brother from another mother.

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