Fried Pie Day

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I learned Abug gets her face making abilities from mommy….

So a while back… try last spring, last summer maybe… hubby and I had Karen and Jared over for dinner. I tried to make fried pies and let’s just say it was doomed from the start. I told Karen sometime we’d go to my grandma’s and have her teach us how. And that’s just what we did.

The weather outside was awful, so why not eat pie! I mean do you really need a reason to eat pie? I called Grandma up and got on her schedule. I’m telling you, my grandma is 84 years old and has a more rigorous schedule than I do. Anyway we went down to her house and she showed us the ropes on making Fried pies. Of course not with out the messes of messing up someone else’s kitchen. I may or may not have dumped cornstarch slurry all over the counter and Karen may or may not have tried to throw an egg across the kitchen. I have no idea on that one… I was down in the basement getting the apples for the apple fried pies. We made apple fried pies and cherry fried pies. And boy were they yummy!

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