The State of the Country

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Did you hear? Chiefs beat the Patriots. I may have laughed a little too hard at the photo above. I couldn’t help myself. I’m not sure if it is that funny or the fact that I am that tired. Truthfully, it could be a combination of both.

Guys, I’m sure you’ve seen throughout the years, we’ve spent a lot of time going to and watching the Chiefs play. As I sat here and watched the opening game of the football season, the Chiefs versus the New England Patriots, I couldn’t help but think about how long I’ve been a Chiefs Fan. I think I was a Chiefs fan long before I knew it.

My grandma was a die-hard Chiefs fan. She never went to a game, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if they were playing, her tv was on and she was sitting there yelling at the tv screen. At that time I was young and didn’t understand football, but I still watched with her. She was also a huge Chicago Bulls fan. Her favorite player was Michael Jordan.

Then came my teenage years. I always watched the Superbowl. I never understood the game, but I always watched it. My dad always said there were 2 teams. The Kansas City Chiefs and anyone who could beat the Oakland Raiders. I rooted for the Chiefs. I still didn’t understand the game. In college, most Sunday’s I found myself sitting in front of my friend Matt’s tv, you guessed it, watching the Chiefs. He always had the TV on but muted and the radio so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.

Jump forward a few years and a guy I dated… the same thing. He was a Chiefs fan. We watched every game. I understood none of it. No one would ever explain it to me… I still watched and rooted for the Chiefs. Finally, 4 years ago, someone took the time to sit down and explain it to me. They didn’t look at me like I was stupid. They would ask me why the puzzled look on my face. I watched. (Usually, if I watched with my dad I read a book so he wouldn’t know I was confused. He’d have explained it years ago….)

So now I’m a huge Chiefs Fan. But tonight, I was a bit saddened. I am saddened by the sport as a whole. I am saddened by the men who sit during our National Anthem. My husband was a member of the United States Army. He told me that all the Men and Women out there fighting, were fighting for their freedom to choose to sit, if need be.

I am saddened by the state of our country right now. I’ll admit, I grew up in a pretty “white” (no I’m not being racist) area of the country, but we had black kids we went to school with. I never noticed color. We just all got along. We were one. A graduating class as a whole. But right now, there is a lot of racial segregation in our country. There is a lot of hate in our country. This saddens me.

One of our Chiefs Players decided to sit through the National Anthem tonight. It was on Facebook. I decided to go read one of the 1.4 million comments that were posted at the time. I was saddened by the hate between people. I’ve always prided myself on trying to get along with everyone. I understand we don’t all have the same opinion. We don’t all think the same way. We don’t all have the same experiences. Imagine a world where we all did. Pretty boring, right? Those differences help us grow. But in the last few years, people have gotten downright rude if you don’t believe in their standpoint.

Those differences help us grow. But in the last few years, people have gotten downright rude (cruel if you will) if you don’t believe in their standpoint. I’ll concede… it is hard to listen to someone put down my beliefs and my viewpoints. I’m pretty passionate about Agriculture and I’m an Agvocate. I can sit and talk differences with someone until they start verbally putting me down to my face. If they don’t agree with my standpoint… well I probably don’t agree with theirs, but I can still talk to them. Maybe you’d learn something, but verbally belittling me because of my viewpoints. Well, that’s another story.

I’m not a huge fan of Carrie Underwood and her standpoints against Agriculture. I’d be willing to talk to her if I ever had the chance (which I won’t so whatever), but I don’t see us belittling each other. But you put yourself behind a computer screen and it seems like the rules change.

I’m not trying to start something here. I wear my heart on my sleeve so if you have a comment, be respectful, please. I just want to say, I’m saddened by the hate. I know it will never stop. It hasn’t stopped in how many years…

So let’s leave on a happy note…


One thought on “The State of the Country

  1. We are more divided now than ever in our history, near as I can tell. It makes me angry because it is all to destroy America.

    I was in the military, too, and if disabled vets can stand for the Anthem, so can players. If they can’t stand for the Anthem they shouldn’t be playing their sport.

    But we can also agree to disagree, and do it without belittling, as you say. A person who resorts to that knows you are right and is angry they don’t know enough to be able to defend their point of view any other way.

    God bless!

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