O’Charley’s {Paducah, KY}

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Saturday night we decided to cross the river to the other side… or at least go across the Ohio River from Metropolis to Paducah, KY. Same difference, right? After a day long diving at Mermet Springs, we were hungry. On Thursday night we saw this restaurant and decided on Saturday night to try it.

We started off with yummy rolls. The joke was, were they that yummy or were we that hungry? Truthfully, they were pretty darn good!

There were huge murals all over the walls and neon signs all over too. One of the neon’s was actually for Prime Rib. Speaking of Prime Rib, Mark and Jared went for the Prime Rib. They were really happy with their choice too.

I went with the Tuscan Chicken. A grilled chicken breast topped with parmesan spread, melted Monterey Jack cheese, and a savory crumb topping. This chicken was served on a bed of linguini tossed with parmesan cheese, garlic butter, and roasted tomatoes. While it might not have been the best thing on the menu, I need to tell you it was pretty darn good! YUM!

*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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