Guard Days

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Recently my husband became a member of the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard. During the winter months they really just have meetings so this was the first real big event for the season, or so we’re going to call it 🙂

The guard had a Cowboy Trade and Play Day!! It was an event to bring your horses out and ride, look at tack and other things people were selling, get your horses checked out by a vet and soooo much more.

Now the day before it rained, all. day. long. so it was a muddy mess and the weather cooled off a bit so it was a bit chilly but it was still a lot of fun.

When they got to the shack that morning a water pipe had busted or something. I don’t know I wasn’t there yet. Baby Squirrel and I slept in, got dressed and then headed over. by the way this picture was taken on horse back 🙂

I sent this picture to my dad asking him if he was jealous. He asked me if he should be and I said yeah I was riding a horse. He was actually at a horse show, sitting on the bench, but still having just as much fun watching.

So later I sent him this picture and said are you jealous grandpa. That got a reaction. Yey :). Yup Squirrely girly was riding.  You really can’t tell here but she enjoyed it.

The best conversation of the day though… out of the mouths of babes, remember that!

I was riding KG (horse pictured) around and Lane wanted to ride. He’s a friend of ours son who is around 3 so I put him up on the saddle in front of me. We were riding around and KG had to poop so he slowed down. Lane asked me why we were slowing down and I told him that KG had to poop. He asked me why and I said I dunno and it was left at that.

The next lap around I pointed out KG’s poop to him (come on he’s a boy, haha). a little ways up was another pile of poop and he asked me whose poop that was. I told him I didn’t know and he asked me if it was Jared’s.

I should clarify that Jared is NOT a horse, nope, he’s one of the guard members.

I tried my hardest not to die laughing.

So later I went into the shack where Steph was (Lane’s mom) and told her the story. She laughed and when Lane walked in she asked if the poop in the driveway was Uncle Jared’s and Lane said Yup.

Later when we told Jared he was like, well sometimes when you have to go you have to go.

And that’s all she wrote ladies and gentlemen!

Baby Squirrely girly and I left and when I got home, this is how I found her. If any of us slept like that we’d have cricks in our neck!

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