Socks are overrated

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So have I told you that my sister in law is pregnant. In fact, her due date is coming up quickly. I’m hoping she holds out until at least February 1st because she’s soooooo anti purple that it’ll give the baby a purple birth stone. Yup, I’m vindictive like that :). Oh and I haven’t called her old in this post yet. She’s old. Hey, she picks on my hair… I call her old. It’s called family!

Saturday was her baby shower. She asked me to come and snap some pictures and we all know how much I hate taking pictures (please read the sarcasm there. We need a sarcasm font!). There were friends and family. There were balloons galore. There were snacks. There was cake. And there were presents. Oh and there were games.

Game #1 – Everyone got a pin to wear. You couldn’t say the word baby. If you did and someone caught you, you lost your pin. I lost mine sorta willingly to Tbug… then I could say baby without thinking about it. 

Game #2 – The Diaper game. They melted 6 different candy bars in diapers and you had to guess what they were. yuck!

Game #3 – They passed toilet paper around and you had to take the amount that you thought would fit around Liss. I might add that Tbug was a winner.

Game #4 – Put a note card against your head and draw a baby.

One present to note is the fact that my baby girl got her baby girl hangers. But we put special thought into this present. They were purple hangers. Now… we might have taken the packaging off and traded out a couple of the purple hangers for pink hangers so she couldn’t repackage them and take them back. Yup, the purple war is on :). Oh and instead of cards, she asked for books with writing on the inside. So…. it just so happens that the book we got her, the inside cover is purple. I love purple and she makes fun of me. I keep telling her that her baby girl may like/love purple someday and she can’t deny the baby of that color. And then again she may hate it but it’s her decision to make.

Oh and the title. Were you wondering about the title? I’m sooooo glad you asked. She got one set of socks at the shower and said that is one thing she really hasn’t gotten this far. My friend Cassie said that socks are the death of new mothers and I blurted out that socks are overrated and the best bet is to buy footed jammies. I’m not kidding. You’ll put socks back on those feet 100,333,333,333,444,455,667,234,654 times per day. Footed jammies, those puppies don’t come off. Just saying :).

And that would be the overview of the baby shower. Next up… baby’s a comin.

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