10 Things to Smile About January

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1. It’s fun to think that hubby and I have been together for 5 1/2 years. Now that might not be long for most people but it truly excites me. Part of the reason is in just a few short days he’ll be my longest relationship on record and I’m totally okay with that!

2. Tbug turned 12. Dang, where has the time gone? I’ve been in her life (or she’s been in mine…) for almost 6 years now. It’ll be 6 years the first part of August. Want the exact day? Friday July 31st, 2009. So I guess the end of July to be exact. That night she introduced me as her daddy’s girlfriend even though we weren’t dating at the time, we’d just been on a date…

3. I went to the New Year’s Day dive but I chickened out this year when it came to actually diving… it was cold that day!

4. We had a day honoring Veterna’s with a Try Scuba Day.

5. I got to be involved in an extremely worthy cause give away.

6. Baby girl’s hair went up in pigtails and she was a hoot. I swear it changed her personality and she has a pretty great personality without the pigtails!

7. My baby girl turned 7 months old, although I think I want to cry at that too. She’s growing up way to fast. She’s going to be 20 before I know it. Why I picked 20 who knows. and that would be referring to years not months. months will definitely come faster than years! okay I’m going to stop now before I start crying!

8. I got a new phone case. It feels different than my other one so I’m not 100% sure how much I like it but I love the picture on it!

9. I went to my Sister in law’s baby shower. (btw, if you’re reading this, you’re old. hey I have to get my jabs in when I can. And if you aren’t here and reading this… she picks on my hair.)

10. Here’s a good laugh for you. I swear I”m losing my mind. I made these Brownies for Sunday Night Dinner. Yeah I was in a hurry trying to get them in the oven so that they’d bake… I completely forgot to put sugar in them. So we had sugarless brownies. They weren’t bad but the texture was a bit off… but ice cream solved the whole thing.

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