Christmas Day

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So I feel like Christmas (Christmas Eve) was a whirlwind this year. Not only did it cyclone in but dang, it went away as fast as it came in :(. That makes me sad. I was a bit of a scrooge this year and I don’t really know why. Anyway we woke up at 7am to start opening presents. So Brittin sent me this picture and said her husband caught Santa making an appearance at their house…

He made an appearance at our house too though. There were 3 cookies on that plate when we went to bed and half a cup of milk.

Baby girl wanted to start with her Santa presents. Santa brought her a bunch of fun toys. Wow my house was a mess in the background… ignore that please…

Tbug started with her presents from us first.

Daddy got in on the action as well. Hubby got exactly what he wanted, Boots, a Chiefs Coat, T-shirts from Grunt (a military type website) and a KC Chiefs T-shirt.

Finally Tbug got to Santa presents. He brought her a lot of puzzles and a T-shirt that says “If I can’t wear my boots, I ain’t goin'”. I think that suits her pretty well… don’t you?

I knew everything I was getting for the most part. I asked for a couple pair of cute jeans, then hubby got me a pair of insulated bibs, house shoes and 2 surprises… 2 Photography books, Photographing Families: Tips for Capturing Timeless Images by Michele Celentano and The Design Aglow: Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography by Lena Hyde. 2 books I had put away in my Amazon Wishlist… or actually hubby’s Amazon Wishlist because I always put my stuff in his wishlist.

Then we almost forgot about stockings.

Then we had to get ready and head to my grandma’s for Christmas morning/breakfast. She made a Breakfast Casserole (every year!! It’s sooooo good), Stuffed French Toast, Bacon, and Reneé made Cinnamon Rolls.

Baby Girl and Grandpa

Baby Girl and Great Grandma.

Great Grandma got her a walker to keep at her house.

Normally we eat lunch with my Grandma but she told us she was going to my Great Aunt’s daughter’s house so we decided that was the perfect opportunity to head into my Father in-law’s families house. Everyone kept “stealing” my lovebug from me. She didn’t get a morning nap nor an afternoon nap so she was struggling to keep from having an absolute break-down by about this time.

Toward the end they started doing group family photos. AR hasn’t posted those (she’s really the only one who took those) but hubby’s sister and cousin took a couple so I stole those from them :). I actually took this 4 generation snap shot while they went to find Tbug since there’s one of this bunch with Tbug younger than baby girl is right now.

Then Tbug ran off but they took one of the 3 of us. Not the best quality but I still love the picture.

On hubby’s side of the family, there were 4 kids born in 2003. This is the first time they’ve all been together in a long time so they took the photo. Tbug is the oldest since she was almost a 2002 baby. (1/2/03)

Now with Hubby’s side of the family, we usually end up with his cousin Ambyr wearing food of some sorts (usually whipped cream) on her face. Hubby started it and it spiraled downward to the point Tbug got me, twice. This was the second time, I just walked in from cleaning my face off the first time. So I took off after her and wiped my face against hers and got it in her hair. Ambyr was laughing so as I walked by to go clean it off my face, I rubbed my cheek against hers and gave her a second dose too.

I walked back in the door from cleaning my face the second time and they had even put it on baby girl :(. Poor baby girl. Baby girl also took my necklace. She originally took my SIL’s but I got it back for her and she took mine. It’s all good though! We all share :).

Who doesn’t want a picture of themselves eating/drinking, right? And hey, there’s all the food while we’re at it.

Then we had to take Tbug to meet her step-dad at 4pm. We then went home and crashed. We all took about a 3 hour nap.

This weekend my SIL brought the girls presents over for them. Tbug got a cute pair of jeans and a John Deere Sweatshirt.

And then entertained herself in Baby Girl’s present box.

Baby girl got a riding elephant.

Thank you Aunt Wissa and Wes.

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