Project 365 – September 2014 – Day 1-30

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First off, where did September go?!?!

Anyway, a couple times before I’ve attempted to do a Project 365. I’ve failed miserably… but I’m attempting it again! Please wish me luck and cheer me on. So far… I’m 30 days down…

1/365 – Braums after a day of scuba diving

2/365 – I came home from class to this precious baby stealing my side of the bed.

3/365 – Coming out of the book store on my way to class.

4/365 – Happy 4th Anniversary

5/365 – Tbug holding Peanut while we were waiting to leave for Metropolis Illinois for a weekend of diving at Mermet Springs

6/365 – Dinner after a day of diving at Fat Edd’s Roadhouse

7/365 – Dinner at my favorite restaurant Zio’s on our way home from Mermet Springs

8/365 – Grandma made dinner for us, Apricot Glazed Chicken with rice and green beans

9/365 – Snoozing in the Pack’n’play

10/365 – Big baby grins!

11/365 – Having a real heart to heart (more like baby grabbing daddy’s nose and daddy saying honk)

12/365 – Marshiano’s Olde Time Pizza in Miller MO

13/365 – Baby girl stealing daddy’s side of the bed

14/365 – Precious!

15/365 – Driving in my grandma’s driveway. Perfect photo op.

16/365 – My loves mirroring each other.

17/365 – Scansion in Theory of Literature

18/365 – Found a sock in her onesie when I went to change her diaper. Hubby said it was extra insulation.

19/365 – Laundry folding helper

20/365 – Fall is upon us!

21/365 – Praying Mantis in the driveway on our nightly walk.

22/365-Photo for my Public Service Announcement for my Document Design class. I promise, no dogs were hurt in the making of my PSA… That was my tag line. It was about not leaving your pets in your car during the summer heat. My dog thought she shouldn’t be in my car. haha

23/365 – My Camera Bag came in!!!

24/365 – I like food, especially before a test.

25/365 – Afternoon naps are the best

26/365 – Baby Girl is already 3 months today… where is the time going. I know it sounds cliche but SLOW DOWN!

27/365 – Interesting projects in store

28/365 – Beautiful Sunrise on our way to Church this morning. God is good!

29/365 – We couldn’t make the Chiefs game tonight but we’re still rooting for them! And fans scream loud!

30/365 – A lens I don’t personally like and am going to sell.

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