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Last year I started on my Project 365 journey. I felt like I set myself up for failure, but I didn’t fail, I succeeded! Woot Woot. Do people really say Woot Woot…. ha!

Anyway one of my goals was if I completed my Project 365 I either wanted to print all pictures and place in a photo album or I wanted them printed in a book. I didn’t care which but I didn’t want them to go to die on Facebook, my blog, and my computer.

When I completed my project, I went on the hunt to print my pictures. I had the hardest time trying to decide which program/company to use. Then I heard about Social Book.

I hooked them up to my Facebook page, to the exact folder I wanted and bam, my book was ordered! I could have chosen a time frame, etc, but I wanted just my Project 365 printed.

I made mention the other day we were fighting with our mail person… Well, this kind of started it. My dogs eat packages. I’ve mentioned this as well… ugh!

So when my first book showed up in the mail, it was placed where my dogs could find it, and bam, they ate it. Luckily it was insured or something because the wonderful people at Social Book were willing to replace my book and FINALLY it showed up!

I love it too! That is a year of memories and it is so much fun to hold the physical book and read through it. Plus you can print the comments you got via your Facebook friends. Pretty sweet I think!

They had a page devoted to the most liked photo and 2 pages devoted to the pictures that received the most likes. It is just so awesome!

Sometimes to keep yourself motivated, there has to be an end goal. My book was my end goal so I’ve decided that for this second round of my Project 365, I want another book :).

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