Tiramisu Brownies

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If there is one thing my family likes, it is Tiramisu. My family, I’m talking hubby (I introduced him), Tbug (we introduced her), and of course me (I introduced myself. ha!) That’s all you need to know, Tiramisu is good. Oh wait, that doesn’t make a very good post, does it? Okay, so how about Tiramisu Brownies… will that make a good post?

So you’ll want to start by making your brownies. I went the easy route and used a box mix. Mix it up for cake-like brownies. Follow the directions of the brownie. I could tell you what mine said but not all box mixes are the same. Once the brownies are baked, let them cool completely.

Once your brownies have cooled, it’s finally time to work on the topping, you know, the Tiramisu part! Take 20 chocolate-filled cookies (I used Chocolate filled Oreo’s) and grind them up. I couldn’t find all the pieces to my food processor so I used my blender. Worked GREAT!

Add 1/4 cup Instant Coffee to 1 cup milk and mix together.

Once that’s mixed up, add half of a 12 oz Frozen Whipped Topping (that’s 6 oz ;)). Mix together.

Then add to the mixture 2 Cheesecake Instant puddings and again, Mix.

Spread over your brownies. My pan is a 9×13, even though it almost looks square in this picture.

Top with the remaining Frozen whipped topping and even some shaved chocolate (I didn’t have). Refrigerate for about 30 minutes and YUM!

Truth be told, I could eat this whole pan myself. YUM!

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