New Puppy, Say What?!?!

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About 6 months to a year ago, my dad was driving around with Mudflap in the bed of his truck.  Mudflap LOVES to go for rides.  In fact, if he thinks that dad is going for a drive and he should be going, he’ll stake out dads truck.  If dad makes it out without him and then comes back, Mudflap gets in the bed and WILL. NOT. GET. OUT.

So anyway dad and Mudflap were driving around when a couple stopped my dad to ask if my dad had a Blue Merle Aussie in the bed of his truck.  Dad said yes.  They said that they had an Aussie and worked out an arrangement with my dad that when she came in heat that they could bring her by and Muddy would breed her.

Dad got first pick of the litter and this weekend, she finally came home to my parents house.  Is she not precious?

As of right now, silly girl doesn’t have a name, but we’re working on it.

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