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No, not the candy….  The dogs!

I walked past the farm truck the other day and Mudflap and Morelli jumped in the bed, ready to go.

I’m not sure where they thought we were going though, because I was just walking out to the round pen to snap pics of Tbug riding.

Then Morelli looked at me like, um… where do you think you’re going.

Funny thing is, that silly little dog, doesn’t ride in the bed of the pickup anywhere.  He thinks he needs to ride in the cab.

And some days he even thinks he needs to help drive.  I swear he thinks he knows how to shift… ha!

0 thoughts on “Goobers

  1. Hmm. I don't recall any dogs ever trying that.

    The only animals that try to go for rides at the farm is one particular cat. He got in my vehicle once, and I luckly saw his tail in the back end before I headed back to my place (1.5 hours away). And the same cat later got in my sister's van. My niece hollered about the cat before they left for home (3 hours away). But one of these days, I think the cat might end up in another town if he's not careful!

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