Easily Entertained

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Looking for Cheap and easy entertainment??  All you have to do is give a puppy 4 plastic tubes** and the Race is on!!!

And when she chases it under the couch….

She gets mad and annoyed

Until you dig it out for her

And when she’s finally done playing….

She jumps on your lap

And picks on  you

Until she sees the tube on the floor waiting on her

And she’s gone again!

**The tubes were left over from the Christmas balls I used to make my door wreathes this year.

0 thoughts on “Easily Entertained

  1. LOL! We have tennis balls all over our house. You have to watch where you walk because those darned balls are everywhere. Same deal as yours, they get “lost” under the couch, bed or entertainment center and we have to go on a ball hunt. Then we find 6 tennis balls all over the house and they are busy again, until they lose them!

  2. haha!! not sure who's more easily entertained…you or the dog!? ;D Reminds me a bit of when we used to give the dog peanut butter to eat just to see him try to unstick his tongue from the roof of his mouth! A wee bit cruel, I know…but highly entertaining! (and, he DID love peanut butter, so it was pretty much a win/win situation :D)

  3. yeah I was laughing my head off Tezzie, so I'm thinking we were both entertained. It was funny to watch her drag those around!!

  4. Hahaha! I remember when I was a kid our cat had a field day running in and out of paper bags that were strategically placed on the floor. Pets are fun!

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