Happy Halloween y'all!

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It’s that time of the year. Time for the witches and ghouls and goblins to come out and start tricking us for treats. Oh yeah I just said that 🙂 It would also be known as October which means Pumpkin Carving for Halloween!! This is the last weekend we’ll have Tbug in October so we knew what we needed to do….

This year hubby participated in the Underwater Pumpkin Carving and so we bought new tools for him to take down with him because we weren’t sure where the ones from previous years were. Good thing too because we still haven’t found them. Woops! With the new tools, came a new book with new patterns so Tbug couldn’t decide if she wanted to use a pattern or make up her own. In the end, she decided to go with the book.

Have I ever told you how good my husband is to us? He helped Tbug with her pumpkin, helped me with mine, and still did his own. Yup, he’s awesome like that. He takes such good care of us! He chose to use a pattern out of the book as well.

I was the rebel child. I’m not one for following patterns, so I made my own. Oh yeah, I’m cool like that, or else I’m just a rebel child or don’t know how to follow the lines :). You choose.

Ah, my loves. I was the first one finished, partially because I made my own pattern so I didn’t have to wait for the pattern tool and partially because I think I started first.

Our finished pumpkins. We had to do them Friday night because we had a jam packed weekend so we got finished around 11pm.

But, 11pm makes great time for photos!  Tbug’s, mine, hubby’s.

Happy Halloween y’all! 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Happy Halloween y'all!

  1. Those are great! I'm especially impressed with Tbug's. We haven't let Evan carve his own yet but both boys enjoy “helping.” Yep, daddies who help everyone else with their pumpkins are pretty awesome! 🙂

  2. I have to admit, those are the fanciest pumpkins I have ever seen.
    Congratulations and Happy Halloween to you all, too!

  3. Your Chiefs one came out really good doing it free hand! I suck at carving pumpkins. And we still haven't done it this year, and last weekend was the last with Ariana. Opps!

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