We’re Official

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Okay, well I wanted to do these in order, but that hasn’t been working to my advantage here lately, so I’m just coming out with it… hubby and I are now Scuba Certified.  That means, we can go scuba diving!  It all happened the 13th and 14th of July.  After we got our certifications, then we were allowed to go out on our own.  Oh and just a side note, later that week I went and picked up our cards.  Hubby and Pokey were 2 of 7 who were accidentally put in as junior divers.  Junior divers are 10-16 years of age, lol.  Hubby called and asked how old he needed to be to be a full time diver since he was 30 :).

Here are photos from our first dive.  Hopefully you enjoy.

Since you can’t really talk under water, this is the symbol for “I’m ok”

Here we were doing headstands.  Now a few weeks prior to all of this I got a huge ear infection so hubby found special diving ear plugs for me.  They worked great until that Sunday when I did my headstand.  I got a little water in my ear.  It only took me about 4 weeks to get over the ear infection.  It sucked!

I finally came up because other students needed my gear, while hubby and JT went down for a dive.  So I was sitting around yacking with everyone when they got the fun idea to write on D the Man’s back in sunscreen 🙂

And mommy Diver Girl taking care of everyone!

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0 thoughts on “We’re Official

  1. That's cool! I would love to do that with my hubby–but I think the kiddos need to get a bit older first.

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to reading about all your underwater adventures. 🙂

    I always wanted to learn how to scuba, but I'm really afraid of water so I don't think it would work. 😉

  3. Awesome! Congrats to you both! I've always thought it would be cool to learn how to scuba dive. Love the pics!

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