Holy Yummy Steak – Riscky’s Steakhouse – Ft. Worth, TX

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Last week/end, you may or may not have known/realized, but I wasn’t in town.  Nope, I skipped town and headed for Texas!  But more on that later!  First off, I have to tell you about the bestestest, mostest wonderfulest, greatest, grandest, fabulousest steak.  Yup, I made all those words up :).

But truthfully this steak was FABULOUS!

Thursday we got into town a bit earlier than we needed to so we had some time to kill.  What do you do when you have time to kill in Ft. Worth, well obviously you go to the Stockyards!  They have bunches of cute stores to wander through and some fabulous food.

Hubby and I actually went down with my parents and when mom asked what we wanted to eat, hubby said he wanted Steak :).  Isn’t he cute!  I just love him, but that’s kind of off topic!

This time we chose to eat at Riscky’s Steakhouse.  Now if you’ll remember when we took Tbug down to pick up Squirty with us, we ate here, so we knew the food was good but so had to go again!

When you enter you’re greeted by this beautiful bar area.  There are also booths right across from the bar you just can’t see them in my photo.  I think this is actually the prettier part of the restaurant though if you look at the next photo over, the other portion of the restaurant looks like store fronts like so.  Still very cool.  Being as though it is Christmas time they had their Christmas tree up and my picture doesn’t even do justice to this gorgeous tree.

Inside their menu you’ll find kind of a how the restaurant started and of course the Legend of the Brands, Cow brands that is.  Yes, people brand their cows so that you know they are yours (more so in the olden days for identification) or what farm they originated from.

My mom isn’t as adventurous in trying new things like Tbug is so we got an appetizer of Fried Green Beans.

Dad & hubby are more the adventurous type so they got Calf Fries.  Remember Calf Fries are like lamb fries… they are calf nuts.  That’s how you get steers.

They also bring around the fixin’s for your tators (potatoes 😉). Cheese, Butter & Sour Cream.

Dad went with their Chicken Fried Steak and Baked Potato.

It sure looks like he has gravy about to splatter his shirt, but it didn’t 🙂

Mom went with the Grilled Chicken Breast.  Although she opted out of the Sauteed Mushrooms & onions in a peppered burgandy wine sauce.  She also went for the Mixed Vegetables.

Now, hubby and I went for the Grandaddy of them all and boy was it super fantabulous!  Holy cow!  We went for Steak.  Now hubby gets made fun of because he usually gets fish in a Steakhouse, but not this day.  And sometimes I’m a bit Leary of getting steaks because they aren’t always cooked to my liking, but this was delicious!

If you happen to be going to Ft. Worth or you happen to be in the area or whatever…. Definitely go check this place out.  Holy Yum!  I think I say that a lot but wow, I think every steak I eat from now on will be compared to this one, you have no idea!


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