A Week Long Birthday Celebration + TGI Fridays (Springfield, MO)

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I swear, my husband must be one of the luckiest chaps on earth, right?  He got a week long birthday celebration, start with his surprise birthday party two Saturday’s ago, his actual birthday last Thursday where he got to open my presents and his momma cooked him (us) dinner, and then this last Saturday (as in 2 days ago) Tbug, my parents and I took him to dinner.  Lucky duck!

Hey, if you’re going to bring in 30, why not do it in style… Am I right?

So since I shared the surprise party with you already, let’s jump forward to his birthday.

Now truthfully I should have waited until Tbug could be with us to give him his presents, and I almost held one back to give to him with her around, but since it was his 30th birthday I wanted him to have presents to open so I let him open both presents.  I guess I kind of suck that way…

He had been wanting a new pair of house shoes so look, what do you know I listen, sometimes.  Just don’t let the word spread.  I don’t want to get a reputation or something ;).

Then, pretty much since we got together he’d tell me he wanted to get a flag display case for his grandfather’s flag that was draped over his casket when he was buried, so I finally found him one, not that it is difficult, just I finally did it.

His mom came over and made him a birthday dinner, complete with sign greeting the birthday boy and everything at the entrance of our driveway (sadly I didn’t get a photo.)

She made Cheeseburger Meatloaf, Mashed Potates, Copper Pennies, Corn and crustless cheesecake.  All of his favorites.

We waited until Saturday to celebrate his birthday with my parents since one of his favorite restaurants is TGIFriday’s.  The closest one is an hour away and sometimes on work nights that is a bit of a drive.

Tbug gets to spend her daddy’s birthday with him, however since we were celebrating on Saturday she didn’t have to worry about missing cheer on Thursday and we got her on Saturday evening so she could go out to dinner with us.

On our way to Springfield to pick up Tbug and head to dinner.

It was handy that Tbug’s mom was already in Springfield so we met up with her at Bass Pro and then headed for TGIFriday’s.

Now if you recall back, Hubby and I have given up pop, however every once in a while we’ll either have one or something that resembles one.  Saturday night happened to be one of those times.  I had a Cherry Limeade Crush (left: Muddled Cherries, Fresh Lime Juice, Pomegranate & Sprite) and hubby had a Strawberry Lemonade Slush (right).

Our waiter teased that the kid got Coke and the parents got the sweet stuff.  LOL :).

After the waiter took our orders, mom gave hubby his card & present.  He’s been wanting a new wallet so what do you know, someone was looking out for him :).

Now, Tbug looks extremely bored here, however I can assure you she was so excited about going to dinner with us, when she called hubby on Thursday night to wish him a happy birthday it’s all she could talk about.

Holy cow I LOVE their food.  I should try something new but sometimes when you find something sooooo yummy, it’s hard to vary away from it!

I got Chicken and cheese. (Sauteed Garlic-Marinated Chicken served over melted cheese with onions and peppers served with creamy mashed potatoes.)  Holy YUM!

Hubby loves TGIFriday’s because of their Jack Daniels menu.  He went with the Jack Daniel’s Sirloin and Shrimp (10-oz black Angus Sirloin fire grilled and basted in Jack Daniels sauce, paired with Crispy Cajun Spiced Shrimp.  Served with your choice of two sides.  He went with double loaded Mashed Potatoes).  May I add Double YUM!

Tbug went with Pasta with Marinara and a side salad with ranch.  But don’t be fooled, she ate oneo f my Chicken breasts too :).

My dad went with the Jack Daniels Salmon (Norwegian salmon fillet fire-grilled and glazed with Jack Daniel’s sauce.  Served with Jalapeno Corn bread and your choice of two sides.  He went with a salad with Ranch (which he didn’t wind up getting) and Potato wedges.)  He said it was fabulous.

Mom got a 10oz Black Angus Sirloin with a Tomato & Mozzarella salad & Vegetable Medley.  I’m sure she was the healthiest of us all! :).

Now dad is a member of their Stripes club and since his birthday was the 9th of October, he actually had a coupon for a free Birthday dessert.  The waiter recommended the Whiskey Cake (a sharable portion of Warm Toffee Cake, topped with glazed pecans and vanilla ice cream and served with Butterscotch Jack Daniels Whiskey Cream Sauce). Seriously this dessert made you think you’d died and gone to heaven.  It was fantabulous!  Tbug wound up finishing it off after Dad, hubby and I had some.  Oddly enough I think she wanted more… LOL.

And they found out it was “hubby’s birthday” and he got a Birthday Sunday!  Sweet!

All I can say is I sure hope that this was an unforgettable birthday for hubby and a great way to ring in a new decade.  Happy Birthday baby!

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  1. So you should share the cheeseburger meatloaf recipe soon. Also you look really pretty in that pic of you and PC heading to dinner. I like your eye makeup that way.

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