Saturday Night

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Saturday afternoon we gathered up my parents and took them down to Branson to go on the Showboat Branson Belle.  We got there a bit early so we went on into Branson and down to the landing.  Now if you might recall back on February 29, 2012, Branson got hit by a tornado.  There was some damage and one of the restaurants we ate at one time is totally gone :(.  But Branson looks like they are recovering.  Although the Hilton there on the Landing is very sad looking.

While at the landing we caught the water show that plays every hour.  Super cool.  It was to the song “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas.



Then we left the Landing and headed for our hotel with enough time to check in, take our luggage to the room and then head to the Showboat Branson Belle Dock.




The dinner cruise left at 8pm.  They start boarding the ship 1 hour prior to departure.

Don’t let my mom shoot me for including this picture please!!!

So we went in, found our seats

and then headed out on deck to snap a few photos.



Horrid picture but whatever, it’s one of the two of us 🙂



About the time we should have been departing we went back inside and were greeted with the musical wonders of Faith Academy Concert Choir from Mobile Alabama.

They sang beautifully.  Now a rant on my part… They opened with the National Anthem, ok fellow Americans, when the national anthem plays, you stand, stop what you’re doing, face a flag if there is one, place your hand over your heart, men – take your hats off, and you honor our country and the men and women present & past who are defending your right to freedom.  End rant.

Dinner was fabulous!  A cornbread muffin biscuit thing, pot roast, chicken, potatoes, beans, and a frozen berry lemon tart for dessert.

Then there is a 30 minute break to roam around the ship, use the restroom, whatever before the show starts.





The show was spectacular, just as it was in November.

So if you ever make it to Branson, I would say, Go on the Showboat Branson Belle! 🙂

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  1. Wonderful! And I agree on the Rant, when the national Anthem is sung here in Canada as well, face the flag, either shut up or sing along , and HATS OFF

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