Dry Hands

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I know we are heading into spring but for some reason just now my hands have started drying out like crazy.  They changed the soap at work and I almost wonder if that hasn’t had a little effect on them, but I’m not sure.

Sorry the photo was taken with my iPhone so it doesn’t show the extent, but yes my hands were red.  They were even cracking open Monday night. (this was Tuesday night)

I’m not real crazy about lotion.  It always makes my hands feel oily and slick.  Just not a feeling I’m real crazy about.  But a few years ago I was desperate.  And wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find any lotion, oddly enough even though I don’t like it, I buy it… but couldn’t find any that night. 

What did I find that night though?

Yes, my lovely friend, Chapstick.  I’m telling you my hands hurt so bad that night I was desperate.  So I thought, you know, it’s good enough for my lips and helps them when they hurt… it couldn’t hurt to use on my hands right?

Let me tell you… I’ve been hooked.  It stays on my hands fairly well, doesn’t leave them feeling slimy.  And it makes my hands soft, just like my lips.

Again, you can’t quite tell and my knuckle over my pinky still looks bad, but it’s the one that cracked open so it looks much better.  Plus my hands are super soft.

Chapstick, it’s not just for the lips anymore 🙂

**and nope, I’m not promoting Blistex for this… it just happens to be what I had at the time of making this post :).  I even use the cheap stuff.  It all works great on my knuckles. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Dry Hands

  1. Really!? I never would've thought to try Blistex on my hands! I have big-time dry hand problems, often cracking and bleeding from it. I have tried so many different lotions – ones specifically for dry hands, ones that are supposed to be THE BEST…they never work. I just might have to try the ol' Blistex…

  2. It's fortunate that you found something that worked.
    I would have been complaining to management if my hands had looked like yours after the change.

    Hope your hands continue to stay well. *hugs*

  3. another good one for hands is Corn Huskers cream or Udder balm, does make your hands a bit greasy , but it you use it overnight and wear gloves the morning brings great things

  4. I've never thought of using chapstick! It's so dry where we live and my skin still hasn't adjusted even though we've lived here for almost 2 years.

  5. Ha! I'll have to give that a try…handy tip!! (heh…'handy'…I crack myself up…heh…'crack up'…OK. I'll stop now ;D Must be time to go to bed, once I start enjoying my own puns LOL)

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