The One Where I Show You More Pictures….

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Here lately I’ve spent a bunch of time studying.  I’m not going to say I’ve spent as much as I should because with as much information as I have to learn, I’m not sure you could spend a year learning it all.

I’ll warn you now, eventually there will be some “interesting” pictures {in this post}.  Kind of like the Cow eye, but it’s not an eye.  I’m just warning you!

Giving you time to go back or skip this post…

Moving on…

So we have this really cool website we had to buy a membership to in A&P 2.  It’s called A&P Revealed.  Nice right :).  You can look at the bones {would have been helpful in A&P 1},  the muscles, the nervous system, and even, the eyes & ears.

Here, you’re looking at the lens.  How cool is this website?  You can dissect all kinds of things.  I wish I could show you and sometime maybe I will.  My test today, is over the eye…

And the ear.  This is a model obviously.  {This isn’t scary yet…. don’t worry I have a “fun” picture.}

The Inner Ear. 

How about the Spinal Cord make-up? 

Don’t worry, still a model.  You can see the Cranial Nerves better on this…  There are 12 of them.  Plus you can see lots of other things.  I won’t bore you…  {Now just know, the next picture is a real picture, not a model.}

This is a real half of a human brain.  Remember, we have cadavers.  This is one of the brains.  The other one is cut into 8 slices.

Now, wish me luck on my test.  I swear, I’m gonna need it!

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