Calling One Calling All & I'm Accident Prone

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So I decided I might do a little give away here on the ole blog today.

Maybe It’s the weather.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have a screw loose after the accident the other day.  {ok probably not}

Maybe it’s because I decided to try and cut the tip of my finger off… {More on that later}

Whatever the case is, One of you will be the lucky winner.

The prize can be for you or your kid or your grandkid or your neighbor or  your neighbors kid or your neighbors grandkid or, well you get the picture :).  Only thing is, I wouldn’t recommend this for a boy.  Just saying.

Here is what you could be the lucky winner of:

Although not that particular one because that’s my {step}daughters.  But one like that.

Now you can also choose your color.  I have 3 options.  The pink like you see above or:

A purple or yellow like the ones on my necklace.  And please don’t knock this picture too bad, I was tired apparently!

Now if you choose to spread the word, that’d be awesome, let me know and I’ll give you an added point, otherwise, leave me a comment to enter and also let me know which color you’d like, oh and please be a follower at least if you want in!  I’ll leave this open through Saturday March 31st at Midnight Central Time 🙂

Now skip down here if you want to see my poor finger!

This is what happens when you’re trying to make these things….

But only if you are clumsy like me!

And I’m giving you time to get past this

Although you’ll scroll past it anyway to get to the comments

But there was a small amount of blood involved.

I tried to cut the tip of my finger off.

And it didn’t feel good.

I wouldn’t recommend doing that for anyone!

It hurt!

Good Luck!!

0 thoughts on “Calling One Calling All & I'm Accident Prone

  1. Ouch! Your poor finger

    I'd love to win. My daughter would love one. Enter me for a yellow one please!!!

  2. Awe you bleed for us! You really do care!

    I would love a pink one, my daughter would love love it!

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