A Look into Their Lives

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So back on March 25, I posed a question, just to see if anyone would be interested.  It was about doing a passing of the camera… I buy a disposable camera, I send it to this person, they send it to the next and so on.  Once it was full it came back to me.  I was excited when I actually had takers.  It made me feel special… aka not like a loser :).  So on March 31st, I sent out 2 disposable cameras.  
I got the first of the two back!  And it even got held up in the Great Canadian Postal Strike of 2011… LOL.
This particular one went Florida (x2), Maryland & Canada (x2).  So without further ado, I give you a heavy Picture post… oh wait, that’s normal for me :).  Also please check out these great gal’s blogs for a great read!
Person 1, I give you Bo of Pure Golden LaughterShe just graduated high school this year and is off to college.  Follow along with her ride through the fun world of Academics 🙂

This palm tree is in my backyard and it always has been.  I like it because it’s special since not everyone has palm trees.  It makes me thankful 🙂

Okay, so this might seem silly but it’s a Justin Bieber themed birthday party.  This year I turned 18 and I begged my mom to get me a JB themed table.  I never thought she would because she thought it was crazy, especially since I was turning 18!  When I woke up and saw it, I was so incredibly happy.  Not because it was Justin Bieber, but because I liked the fact that I was 18 and can still have a themed birthday, nonetheless a Justin Bieber one.  I will always remember that.

This playground is where I first went to school in kindergarden.  I remember it all so well.  In this picture by the fence is where I learned to tie my shoes, I also had my first kiss there 😛  12 years later, I met the same boy again and we became really good friends 🙂  This picture means a lot to me.

This is the beach!  It’s bright because it was so sunny out that day but I wanted to share my favorite place with you 🙂

For my 18th birthday I got to swim with dolphins.  I was trying so hard to get a picture of one but they move so fast!  After 10 minutes of trying, a dolphin popped up, smiled, and stayed there for 5 seconds.  Me and my friend were in shock!  I will never forget swimming with dolphins.  It was amazing.

Then she sent the camera on to Person #2, Lauren of A Modern Day Wife’s JourneyWho by the way, she’s only 6 months away from graduating college!  Woop Woop!  :).  She talks about her life and all that entails, wife, worker, college student, sister and more.  Please send her some love!

Me and our pup Scoobie in our backyard

the view from our house

a pic(bad flash i guess lol) of our student awards luncheon a work event I help run

me and two of my good girlfriends hanging out at the pool 🙂

Person #3 is Jillian from Teenage BrideShe is a very soon to be mommy!  But on top of that she was a very young bride, but don’t let that fool you!  She’s full of good words of wisdom & advice!

This is the awful traffic that I used to sit in every day on my way to and from work. The hour plus commute both ways is one thing that is going to have to change with the new baby!

My kitty!! Most people don’t believe I have a cat, she makes herself pretty invisible when anyone other than my husband and I are home. Here is proof she does exist!

I got the camera the day before I was put on bed rest so I had to find things to photograph around my home. This is a view from my third floor balcony. I tried to get a better view of the water, it is right beyond the trees.

This is what I wake up to every morning. Right beside my bed I have my favorite picture of my husband and I a s well as a picture of our baby daughters latest sonogram! I love to start the day by thinking about our little family.

When I received the camera I had just started the nursery. Really the only thing in the nursery was clothes, lots and lots of clothes. Here are a few of my baby girls outfits just waiting to be worn!

Then the camera made it across the border into Canada for the 4th Person, Lindsay from A Small Town Kind of LifeOne of the latest things in her life, She’s engaged!  She’s started the wedding count down!  On top of that she shares Wedding Wednesday’s, crafts, yummy desserts and a general look into her life.  She was one of my first followers that I didn’t know.  Made my day 🙂

The trucks on our farm

My puppy, Tucker Beans

I had just bought this flower basket the night before so I felt compelled to take it’s picture

Ryan and Lindsay

Our place of relaxation

And of course last, but definitely not least, the 5th person on this Camera’s journey, Stacy from Blogging with StacySo she has the cutest little girl, Maddy who of course like any little kid says some of the funniest things… LOL, but she just announced, big exciting newsOk I’m not going to blow it here, not my place!!… go check out the link and find out for yourself! 🙂

Bixi Bikes – Ottawa, ON, CANADA – a new bike system in Ottawa – there are stations all over, you swipe your credit card, for $5 you get 24 hour access and you can bring it back to another station…so I have one near my work and if I wanted to take one over to Quebec to my boyfriends work, I could do that and just put it in the station near his work.  I think it’s cool and bikes are neat!

War Memorial in Ottawa – most recently Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were here on Canada Day, they laid a wreath here (and I was there to experience it)

statue of Terry Fox in Ottawa!

Eternal Flame – Ottawa, ON, CANADA – this never extinguishes

Parliament Buildings – Ottawa, ON, CANDA

So then Stacy emailed me and said she sent the camera.  This was back in June, Yup, the camera hit the Great Canadian Postal Strike of 2011 and was tied up for about 3 weeks.  But I finally received it home and was excited to develop it!  Then I noticed that there was 1 photo left.  Me being the great photographer I am (lol) couldn’t let it go without that last photo being taken so I took a photo myself 🙂  btw I think I’ll stick to my digital camera!  It came out all weird looking!

Ha, what’s this… me?  Yeah… What’s funny is the camera has 27 exposures, when I got it back, it had 1 extra exposure… ok I can understand that 5 people at 5 photos… one might have accidentally taken 6… But when the film was developed, it was only 25 exposures total.  Oh well… you get to see me… LOL  I’m so spoiled with my digital camera!

If you are looking for some great new reads, check these gals out!  Hope ya’ll have a great day and loved the photos from around the country (or technically 2 countries).  I can’t wait to see what the other camera has in store for us!

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  1. This is such a great post. I love the idea of it. Also, I really want to go to ottowa now. LOL 🙂

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