Project – Jam Session

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So Sunday nights we have dinner with friends (or at least every time we can make it, it’s a weekly thing at their house for a bunch of friends). Tonight we made it! Noah when he’s in town brings his guitar and tonight he and Prince Charming picked and sang. It was a lot of fun and trust me the food was fabulous! So without further adu I present Project Jam Session (or maybe I should have called it picking… hmmmm I’ll ponder that for a while).


I liked that my baby was playing and Noah was singing. I loved this photo though b/c it so looks like Noah is singing into his water bottle (aka spit bottle)

Prince Charming:

Prince Charming liked this one because of the serious look on Noah’s face.

Ok I’ll try to announce one for next week… let’s hope we get it done :). Next weeks word: Kentucky…

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